Transphobic Hoax or Media Cover-Up?

What the Media Isn't Telling You About the Wi Spa Scandal

Can men who identify as women go into the female section of spa and join the women...butt naked? This was a question raised earlier this month following a scandal at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles.

The spa became the scene of protests and counter-protests following a viral video of a woman confronting staff at the spa about their "equality" policy - a policy that enables "transgender men" (i.e., biological men who identify as women) to use the part of the spa reserved for naked women. We reported on the event in our July 10th article, "A Sex-Obsessed Man, a California Spa, a Street Riot, and the new Jim Crow."

But now a flurry of articles on the internet are claiming the whole thing was a hoax. On Salvo's Facebook page, we had comments disputing our earlier report, as one critic was particularly eager to enlighten us that we had been taken in. "This was a hoax," he said, "it never happened." When we pressed for more information about what never happened, our critic would not be specific, but just kept repeating that the whole thing was a hoax.

If you carefully read the news articles claiming the scandal was a hoax, and look beyond the catchy headlines, what they are disputing is simply the chronology. Was there a transgender customer on the day the viral video was taken? The police are still investigating this, but it appears the answer is no. Our original article did not take a position on this, although we did quote the NY Post which reported that the videographer had seen the transgender person's private parts and was traumatized - a fact that is now in doubt.

As the world is ready to dismiss the entire controversy as one big transphobic hoax, the main point of our earlier article has been overlooked, which is that at least one biological man who has reportedly been given access to the women-only section of the spa is allegedly seeking a female girlfriend and has already had sex with a hundred women! Whether this happened on the day the viral video was taken, or on another day, it should not be allowed to happen at all.

But what is our evidence for such a claim? We took a screen shot from a customer review who reported this. After sharing this screen shot in our earlier article, this review was curiously removed from the Trip Advisor website, although it is still available to view in the internet archives. Here is our screenshot, with the relevant section highlighted:

Could this customer's report itself be a hoax? It is possible. But what is clear is that equality legislation gives women no protection from biological men who are sexual adventurers and can now claim access to their spaces. Women who might be uncomfortable being undressed in the presence of such individuals have no legal recourse, and can actually be dismissed as bigots for wanting to avoid such persons.

Such is the new Jim Crow situation, as the rights of biological women are trampled on in the name of "equality." 

That, my friends, is the real scandal that the media is hushing up, even as they are ready to dismiss the entire Wi Spa scandal as one big transphobic hoax.

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