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salvo n. (săl'vō)
  1. A mental reservation
  2. An expedient for protecting one's reputation.
  3. A forceful verbal or written assault
  4. A group of shots fired simultaneously for effect

A publication of The Fellowship of St. James, Salvo is dedicated to debunking the cultural myths that have undercut human dignity, all but destroyed the notions of virtue and morality, and slowly eroded our appetite for transcendence. It also seeks to promote the Christian worldview. The opinions expressed by individual contributors are not necessarily those of the editors or publisher.

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We seek to promote the Christian worldview.

Salvo Senior Editors

As President and CEO of Rebecca Hagelin Communications and Marketing, LLC, Rebecca Hagelin specializes in creating talk radio partnerships and advertising campaigns designed to build membership branding, and inspire activism and grassroots support for conservative non-profit organizations. She has worked for some 25 years to defend the integrity of the family, engaging readers of her books and weekly column on the threats that liberal media, popular culture and growing government intrusion into our lives pose to families and civil society. Hagelin's work includes her tenure as Vice President of Communications and Marketing of The Heritage Foundation; as a policy and media consultant for various non-profits; as a member of the board of directors for Awakening and Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk; and an as an Executive Committee member of the Council for National Policy. She has appeared on thousands of national television and radio programs, is a weekly columnist for The Washington Times and Townhall, and the author of two best selling books: Home Invasion: Protecting Your Family in a Culture That's Gone Stark-Raving Mad (Thomas Nelson) and 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family (Regnery Publishing).

Mrs. Hagelin and her husband, Andy, are the parents of three "twenty-something" children.

Casey Luskin is an attorney with graduate degrees in both science and law. In his day job, he works as Research Coordinator at the Discovery Institute—a position made possible by his J.D. from the University of San Diego and his BS and MS in Earth Science from the University of California at San Diego. He has worked at the Discovery Institute since 2005, helping educators to teach evolution objectively, and defending academic freedom for scientists who support intelligent design. Mr. Luskin has spoken and written widely on the scientific mechanics and implications of both intelligent design and evolution. He also volunteers for the "IDEA Center," a non-profit that helps students to start IDEA Clubs on their college and high school campuses.

Mr. Luskin lives and works in Seattle, Washington, where he and his wife are avid enjoyers of the outdoors.

Bobby Maddex is Operations Manager of Ancient Faith Radio (AFR), host of the AFR podcast "The Orthodox Moviegoer," and a freelance writer and speaker on topics related to faith and culture. Bobby graduated from Wheaton College with a degree in Political Science. After spending five years as senior editor of Gadfly, a national arts-and-culture publication out of Charlottesville, Virginia, and serving a one-year stint as the marketing director of Touchstone magazine in Chicago, he earned a Masters Degree in British Literature from DePaul University in 2002. Maddex serves as a Senior Editor of Salvo. He and his wife Paige live in Chesterton, Indiana.

Marcia Segelstein has been covering cultural issues for twenty years, first as a producer for CBS News and now as a writer. Currently a senior editor and writer for Salvo, she has been published in First Things and Touchstone.

Executive Editor

James M. Kushiner is the Executive Editor of Salvo. He and Richard Moselle founded Salvo (originally known as the Crux Project) in 2003, and launched Salvo in 2006 as a print quarterly journal for young adults seeking intelligent responses and alternatives to the secular and materialistic worldviews dominating society and the media. He edited Signs of Intelligence: Understanding Intelligent Design with William A. Dembski (2001, Brazos Press). He spoke at the World Congress of Families in Amsterdam in 2009 on "Prodigal Research: Religious Faith as it Relates to Family Life, Democracy, and Social Development."


Dr. Richard Moselle received his BS from UCLA in 1966 and his DDS from the University of Southern California. He serves as the Vice President of the Advanced Restorative institute, a postgraduate dental education program, and as a board member of the apologetics ministry Stand to Reason.

Dr. Moselle has a full time dental practice in Los Angeles, CA, where he attends University Bible Church in Westwood, Ca. He and his wife Nancy have four children and are the grandparents of seven.


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P.O. Box 410788, Chicago, IL 60641

Richard A. Moselle

Executive Editor
James M. Kushiner

Senior Editors
Rebecca Hagelin
Casey Luskin
Bobby Maddex
Marcia Segelstein

Contributing Editors
Hunter Baker
Terrell Clemmons
Regis Nicoll
Robin Phillips
Hugh Ross
Leslie Sillars

Graphic Designer/Website
Jerry Janquart

Associate Editor
Anita Kuhn

Business Director
Carolyn Freve

Editorial Advisory Board
Francis J. Beckwith
Mark Brumley
Paul Copan
William Dembski
Dinesh D'Souza
Norman Geisler
Robert P. George
Gary Habermas
Craig Hazen
Hugh Hewitt
Phillip E. Johnson
Greg Koukl
Frederica Mathewes-Green
Michael Medved
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J. P. Moreland
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Jay Richards
Hugh Ross
Fr. Ron Tacelli
John West
W. Bradford Wilcox


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