A Sex-Obsessed Man, a California Spa, a Street Riot, and the new Jim Crow

Earlier this year Andrew Sullivan argued for transgender equality on human rights grounds. He suggested that “some traumatized women who have been abused by men do not want to be around biological males in prison or shelters, even if they identify as women.” He continued,

“I think these women should be accommodated. There are also places where we segregate by sex — like showers, locker rooms — for reasons of privacy. I think that allowing naked biological men and boys to be in the same showers as naked biological women and girls is asking for trouble — especially among teens.”

Sullivan, himself a homosexual, is generally thoughtful and scholarly in his approach to social issues. But in the oversimplified, binary world of gender activists, Sullivan’s position is nothing short of bigotry. Indeed, for leftist radicals, the issue is quite simple: if a woman who has been traumatized by men finds it difficult to share a public shower or spa with a person who has a male anatomy, well, such a woman is clearly a hater, the equivalent to white supremacists who forced blacks to ride in the back of the bus.

Only it turns out Sullivan had a point.

Last Tuesday the NY Post reported that at an upscale Korean spa in Los Angeles, a "transgender woman" (read: biological man who identifies as a female) went into the section where women were naked, and then proceeded to display his private parts. From Bethany Mandel at the NY Post:

“Your first visit to a Korean spa can be a bit . . . jarring, if you don’t know what to expect. I’ll be blunt: Everyone is naked, and you’re required to be, too. You enter the locker room and leave behind everything: phone, wallet, shirt, shoes — and all of your modesty.

What makes it tolerable is that it’s a truly safe space: We’re all real women. Normal women, not models, their looks enhanced by plastic surgery and Photoshop. Women are comfortable walking around naked because we’re surrounded by other women.

But at a spa in California called Wi Spa, that safety has fallen victim to the latest intrusion of gender ideology.

The spa found itself at the center of a firestorm recently after a biological male who self-identifies as female entered the female-only, nude areas. The hullabaloo, which began because women and girls in the gender-segregated areas saw the transgender customer’s penis and complained, got physical over the weekend, as hard-line gender ideologues violently attacked women and men who objected to the intrusion.”

In the build-up to the violence, a traumatized bystander reported on Instagram that “this man was naked...right in front of young girls, teens and grown women.” The same woman recorded a confrontation with workers at the spa, asking questions such as, "So, it’s OK for a man to go into the women’s section, show his penis around the other women, young little girls — underage — in your spa?” Staff at the Wi Spa are seen responding to these questions by citing California's equality regulations, which forces them to treat a "transgender woman" the same as a biological women.

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After the above video went viral, the spa quickly became a scene of confrontation, with violent clashes between trans activists vs. those who objected to the spa's policies. An Antifa mob attacked a lady who was peacefully protesting alleging that she was "hating on people for no reason."

The resulting violence, which left at least one person with an open-head injury, became so tense that riot police were called out, and an LAPD helicopter was dispatched to the site.

Meanwhile, the spa continued defending its policy, and told Fox LA that California law “prohibits discrimination against transgender and gender non-conforming people.”

Was this controversy staged for the purposes of creating division? Quite possibly. Trans activists seem prepared to go out of their way to normalize their agenda, even if it means invading spaces set aside for biological females. This is the new front in the battle for sexual deviancy that previously sought to bring down cake-bakers and adoption agencies. But in the campaign against people who objected to same sex marriage, the victims were primarily Christians and social conservatives; by contrast, in the battle to mainstream transgender ideology, activists are targeting a much wider demographic. Those who use spas in large urban areas are unlikely to be social conservatives, but probably middle-class liberals. Yet in the take-no-prisoners battle of militant trans-activism, no person or business escapes. Yet while our society goes into contortions to protect the whims of trans activists, biological women are put at risk, and even in danger.

Yes, biological women are being put in danger, for at least one biological man who has been given access to the women-only section of the spa is reportedly seeking a female girlfriend and has already had sex with a hundred women! Here is a screen shot from a customer review who reported this:

If this is true, then it means that either:

  1. the individual in question was a normal man who simply wanted to be around naked women, and pretended to identify as a woman to gain access to the female-only portion of the spa.
  2. the individual in question is a biological man who identifies as a lesbian woman, and is then seeking female sexual partners;

Either way, the basic fact remains: a biological man who is apparently a sexual adventurer, is using equality law to gain access to areas set aside for naked women. Women and girls who might be uncomfortable being undressed in the presence of such an individual have no legal recourse, and can actually be dismissed as bigots for wanting to avoid such a person.

What we are seeing here is the outworking of what we mentioned last February in an article about President Biden's Executive Order mandating transgender equality. We warned that these provisions will simply create a new set of Jim Crow laws against biological females, who will then be put in danger:

“By refusing to recognize biological women as a distinct community, President Biden nullifies protections they might otherwise be entitled to under the law. For example, biological females will have no protection against biological males who identify as ‘transgender women’ and demand to enter women’s spaces (i.e., locker rooms, dressing rooms, showers) or demand to perform women’s jobs (i.e., TSA agents performing pat-downs, theatre wardrobe assistant for females, medical assistants to nuns).

In a very real sense, biological women are the victims of the new Jim Crow laws. They may not be sent to the back of the bus, but they are being prevented from organizing their own sporting events, or even having their own restrooms."

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