Life’s “Abominable” Big Bang

The Cambrian Explosion as Evidence for Intelligent Design

Every good scientific theory worth its name makes precise predictions that allow us to test with real world data if the theory is correct. This is also true for Darwin’s theory of evolution, which predicts that big differences between organisms came about by the accumulation of many small differences over long periods of time. This is also called gradualism.

In his seminal book On the Origin of Species, Darwin quoted the Latin sentence “natura non facit saltus” (“nature does not make jumps”) six times, because he was fully aware that only a gradual development would allow for a purely naturalistic mechanism, while saltations (abrupt changes) would imply some kind of miracle-like...


Günter Bechly, PhD, is a German paleontologist, senior fellow with Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture, and senior research scientist at Biologic Institute in Washington state. He has written about 160 scientific publications, described over 180 new species, and been advisor for 3 BBC nature documentaries.

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #66, Fall 2023 Copyright © 2024 Salvo |


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