The Power of Life

Sex Is the Most Creative Force on Earth

At the cosmic Big Bang, the universe exploded into being and kept expanding, producing galaxies, supernovas, and planets. Its power was creative, producing the cosmos and all its known physical elements.

But then something more astonishing came into being: Life. The most fascinating place in the cosmos is on the surface of the “pale blue dot” called Earth. Despite the immensity of the cosmos and the power coursing through it, it is vanishingly simple compared to Life—far less intricate than a daisy, let alone a man or a woman. Plants today emerge from tiny seeds packed with information, and they can turn energy and nutrients from the surrounding environment into new cells of stunning complexity, building a full plant capable of reproducing itself.

Human beings are even more astonishing. Man can view and analyze planets, stars, comets, galaxies, mountains, oceans, plants, and animals. Man, with his mind, stands above Earth’s plants and animals; we study and name them. We also ponder questions, compose poetry, songs, and art. We even fabricate other worlds in plays, myths, fantasies, and films.

But one of man’s creations outshines all others: his procreation of another human being capable of doing all these things. Man is the most stunning aspect of the cosmos, so to procreate a new human being is to participate in the most creative act in the world. The human “reproductive system” only narrowly exists by means of the union of the two sexes, male and female. The conception of each new human actor, capable of doing both good and evil, is an awesome miracle, the most powerful ability available to mankind. Sex is a powerfully creative force.

Power Needs Regulation

In the 1960s, Western society began running an experiment with man’s sexual powers. Before then, almost everyone assumed that the power of procreation must be exercised only within a solemnly contracted marriage in which a man and a woman agreed to take responsibility for each new human being they conceived. A new child is utterly unable to take care of itself and requires protection and nurture from its parents to survive and grow to sustainable maturity. Marriage and family thus provided the optimal context in which a child was raised to social, physical, and psychological maturity.

Almost all sexual rules have now been discarded, except for the rule that there are no sexual rules but “consent.” The potent procreative power of sex has been decoupled from marriage. Firearms, nuclear power, electricity, natural gas, voting, driving, even plumbing—all such activities are licensed, regulated, and otherwise controlled to avoid abuses and harm. But the greatest power that men and women possess—creating a new life—is no longer regulated by a moral code that recognizes the necessity of the family for the well-being of children, who are perennially the future of the human race. Without regulation of any such power, harm follows.

As a result of the sexual revolution, many women now ingest toxic pharmaceuticals; the Pill suppresses the body’s natural potentiality, while another pill (mifepristone) subverts its natural design once a child has been conceived, in order to asphyxiate and starve the developing child in the womb (See Undercover, p. 20 and Family Briefing, p. 18). Since the sexual revolution, society has been deeply divided over the fate of such unwanted offspring, fighting over abortion laws and court decisions (see Person of Interest, p. 52 and The Trenches, p. 56), and is now perplexed about what to do with millions of frozen embryos (see Biohazards, p. 23).

The sexual revolution has not merely failed; it has been destructive (see Featured Blip, p. 61), resulting in massive sexual abuse, as well as a growing tolerance and support for pedophilia (see Surveillance, p. 10). Power without responsibility is reckless. Sex is exceedingly powerful; it is also beautiful and lovely (see Parting Shot, p. 64) in what it can do! At Salvo, we see it as a great blessing, a power to be cherished but handled with the greatest care.

is the executive editor of Salvo and the  Director of Publications for the Fellowship of St. James.

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #65, Summer 2023 Copyright © 2024 Salvo |


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