Making Sex Safe Again

A Review of the Sexual Revolution: History, Ideology, Power by Bishop Peter

In The Sexual Revolution: History, Ideology, Power, Peter Elliott, auxiliary bishop emeritus of the Catholic diocese of Melbourne, Australia, explains how a whole series of current cultural flashpoints, from abortion to pedophilia to sex trafficking to the porn industry, has its roots in the movement we’ve come to call the sexual revolution. Why is hook-up culture practiced today? The sexual revolution. Why is “same-sex marriage” accepted today? The sexual revolution. Why does transgenderism seem plausible today? The sexual revolution.

Bishop Elliott shows how various streams of philosophy, technology, and patterns of living have converged to create an ongoing rolling revolution of...


is a classical educator, furniture-maker, and vicar at All Saints Lutheran Church (LCMS) in Charlotte, North Carolina. He also taught high school history for thirteen years and studied at Messiah College, Reformed Theological Seminary, and Winthrop University. In addition to Salvo, Josh has written for Areo, FORMA, Front Porch Republic, Mere Orthodoxy, Public Discourse, Quillette, The Imaginative Conservative, Touchstone, and is a frequent guest on Issues, Etc. Radio Show/Podcast.

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #65, Summer 2023 Copyright © 2024 Salvo |


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