The Ghosts of Modern Science

How Darwin & Huxley Redefined the World

It started with latent unbelief. Not with science or scientific evidence, but with a restrained spirit of revolt, hemmed in only by the bib and tucker of the Victorian Age.The only thing needed to unhem the pretense of Christianity was a book written by the Devil's Chaplain—Charles Darwin, the British gentleman living off the largesse of his esteemed father, the physician Robert Darwin, and influenced by his radical grandfather Dr. Erasmus Darwin.1 The skeptical spirit of the age was waiting for an idea like Darwinism. Once the pretense of Christianity was gone, everything had to be purged, including the fattened Established Church and scientific inquiries tainted with theology.

Many Christians today are...


Jason Cherry  is an elder at Trinity Reformed Church in Huntsville, Alabama, and a teacher of literature, history, and economics at Providence Classical School in Huntsville. He graduated from Reformed Theological Seminary with an MA in Religion and is the author of The Culture of Conversionism and the History of the Altar Call (2016).

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #61, Summer 2022 Copyright © 2024 Salvo |


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