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The Hyper-Dynamics of Your DNA Will Blow Your Mind!

DNA is a digital memory. Human DNA has more than 3.1 billion ladder steps capable of storing information in base 4 arithmetic. This is the equivalent of over 6.2 billion binary bits (ones and zeroes) such as we use in our computers. If you wanted to print this information in book form with 50 characters (ones and zeros) per line, 30 lines per page, and 200 pages per book, it would take over 20,000 volumes, and a very big library, to hold all the information that can be stored in the DNA of one of your cells.

Less than two percent of this information storage capacity (about 300 of the 20,000 books) is used to store the instructions for the design of the more than 20,000 different proteins used in your body. Remarkably,...


holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and is a retired Vice President of Raytheon, with a 45-year career in system engineering and information processing. He is the author of Modern Science Proves Intelligent Design: The Information System Worldview (Archway, 2019) and Jenny’s Universe (“O” Publishing, 2002).

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #54, Fall 2020 Copyright © 2024 Salvo |


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