Dreadful & Designed

Mystery & Theology in the Ancient Helicoprion

Dinosaurs have long been immensely popular in mass culture. T. Rex is the rock star of the reptiles, in no small part, perhaps, because its name can be so satisfying to pronounce. As noted by paleontologist Robert T. Bakker—himself something of a scientific rock star—the very words "Tyrannosaurus Rex" are "irresistible to the tongue."

Not far behind in fame are Brontosaurus and Stegosaurus; indeed, the former is making a comeback of sorts. Featured in films such as the original Lost World (1925) and beloved classic books such as Danny and the Dinosaur, the Brontosaurus has nevertheless long been dogged by the charge that it is a mere fiction, based on faulty...


is a professor of English at Marshall University in West Virginia, focusing on the intersection of literature and science, especially through the study of geomythology, a hybrid discipline. He has published geomythical articles in Earth magazine and the journal Folklore. His work has also appeared in Touchstone, Books and Culture, Christianity and Literature, Milton Studies, and Milton Quarterly. He and his wife have two children and are members of ECO Presbyterian Church.

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