Engendered Confusion

The Chaos of Postmodern Sexuality

Helpful Definitions

Passing: when a person of one sex pretends to be a person of the opposite sex; self-identification or acceptance as a member of the opposite sex.

Passer: one who passes.

The latest pernicious manifestation of the sexual revolution, the "transgender" movement, is yet another rebellion against and assault on the human body. This revolt is even more fundamental than the homosexuality-affirming juggernaut because it involves not just a revolt against how the body is used but against its very nature, its objective reality.

In blindness and with blinding speed, disciples of the...


writes on culture and education at Breakthrough Ideas with Jeanne Ives . Her cultural commentaries have been carried on a number of pro-family websites, and she has spoken at the Council for National Policy and at conferences sponsored by the Constitutional Coalition.

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