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Salvo's mission is to "debunk cultural myths that have undercut human dignity, all but destroyed the notions of virtue and morality, and slowly eroded our appetite for transcendence."

In short, we're taking aim at new and persistent lies about who and what we are as human beings. These myths come in many guises:

• Raw materialism. Matter is all there is. Don't look elsewhere.

• Nihilism: There is no purpose or meaning to the universe. Stop looking.

• Religious indifferentism: If you refuse to stop looking and think you've found something, keep it to yourself. Religion is private and on the way out.

• Religious obsolescence: We've evolved beyond religion. Science and technology will save us. Maybe even save the best of us on a hard drive.

• Scientism: Science and technology reveal all the truth we need or can handle. If you can't experiment on it, it won't last.

• Love loss: Love, faith, hope, compassion, forgiveness, and mercy are all in your head. If even that. Life is about power and claiming your rights. And sex.

• Darwinian evolution: Life is all about survival of the fittest and progresses by random variations. Plan accordingly.

• Relativism: You have your truth, I have mine. There is no Truth. You can just make it up for yourself. And no one can say, "You're wrong."

• Sexual libertinism: Any sexual activity and expression is permissible just as long as no coercion is involved. Porn can be useful, even healthy.

• Gender fluidity: Male and female "identities" are merely social constructs. Pronouns are passé. Athletic records are meant to be broken and bodies surgical altered on demand.

• Marital demise: A baby does not need a mom and a dad in his life. He doesn't even need to live unless somebody really wants to allow him to be born.

• Elite supremacy: Since everything is socially constructed, for society to evolve, we need expert social engineers to make changes and monitor progress for the rest of us morons. The job does pay well.

•Journal-activism: Journalism is not about reporting who, what, when, where, and how but making sure your social agenda wins. There is no good news, only news useful to the cause.

In the interest of debunking myths, the Salvo Blog will report and present stories, facts, ideas, questions, observations, and even sometimes suggest conclusions (!) that debunk any of the above, unlike much of today's biased journal-activism.

For Salvo believes there is good news and that real journalism can even help point to it. Stay tuned. More to come!

is the executive editor of Salvo and the  Director of Publications for the Fellowship of St. James.

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