More Trans Child Abuse

Phase Two: Cross-Sex Hormones

Between the ages of 14-16, endocrinologists intensify their abuse of “trans”-identifying boys and girls by prescribing cross-sex hormones: testosterone for girls, and estrogen for boys. This unethical treatment of natural, healthy biological processes as disease results in inducing biological disorders. 

Girls who take testosterone to artificially create a male appearance can, after just a few months, experience “vaginal atrophy,” which, according to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, “can make just walking around, and certainly… sexual activity” painful. Without estrogen, these girls are, in effect, menopausal. 

In addition to hormonal abuse, physicians are mutilating the bodies of girls as young as 13 by amputating their healthy breasts. Girls who may one day want a penis (i.e., phalloplasty) will have to settle for a non-functioning simulacrum forged out of skin grafts. According to Healthline, 

[T]here is a fairly high risk of complications associated with phalloplasty [which] include… urethral fistulas, urethral stricture (a narrowing of the urethra that obstructs urinary flow), [and] flap failure and loss (the death of the transferred tissue).

Boys who, following puberty suppression and cross-sex hormone-doping, decide to be castrated—the youngest of whom so far was 16 years old—have micro-penises too small to be scooped out and inverted to create “neo-vaginas,” so surgeons make-do with skin from the colon or small bowel: 

This technique… is naturally self-lubricating…. Since the secretion is digestive there is a risk of malodor and frequent secretions, and secretions are constant rather than only with arousal. Wearing panty liners or pads may be necessary for the long term. Bacterial overgrowth (diversion colitis) is common and may present with a greenish discharge…. The bowel lining is also not as durable as skin. Use of intestinal tissue also places the vagina at risk of diseases of the bowel including inflammatory bowel disease, arterio-venous malformations (AVM) or neoplasms [i.e., abnormal growths]

For the rest of their lives, biological men who seek to pass as women will have to regularly dilate their neo-vaginas via the insertion of hard plastic dilators. For many libido is diminished and neo-vaginal intercourse painful.

A review of evidence on hormonal interventions for gender-dysphoric minors published in the American Academy of Pediatrics professional journal Pediatrics in April 2018 concluded that “Low-quality evidence suggests that hormonal treatments for transgender adolescents can achieve their intended physical effects, but evidence regarding their psychosocial and cognitive impact are generally lacking” (emphasis added). 

In other words, when girls take male hormones, they will start to look like more like boys. Their face and body shape will change. Their voices will irreversibly lower. They will become hairier everywhere except their heads which will develop irreversible receding hairlines. They will stop menstruating. And when boys take female hormones, their penises and testes will shrink, voices will irreversibly rise, libido will diminish, small breasts will develop, and fat will collect around their hips.

Hormonal manipulation may result in “intended physical effects,” but those effects are signs of hormonal disorders. In the service of an incoherent, science-denying ideology, doctors are now inducing biochemical disorders where none previously existed. 

Yes, in our post-science, post-truth era, a small army of Dr. Frankensteins line their pockets with the filthy lucre gained from doping up bodies and calling it “health care.” 

writes on culture and education at Breakthrough Ideas with Jeanne Ives . Her cultural commentaries have been carried on a number of pro-family websites, and she has spoken at the Council for National Policy and at conferences sponsored by the Constitutional Coalition.

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