The Digital Odyssey

From Nymph Goddesses to Chatbots

In The Odyssey, Homer recounts a number of obstacles faced by Odysseus during his homeward travels. On one level, Homer’s Odyssey follows the traditional pattern of the hero’s journey, with similarities to the trials of Hercules. But there is something peculiar about some of the challenges Odysseus faces. Whereas the labors of Hercules involve overcoming danger, some of Odysseus’s most perilous challenges involve overcoming comfort.

At the island of the Lotus Eaters, Odysseus and his crew encounter the temptation to live out a life of bliss without ever enduring discomfort again. Similarly, when voyaging near the isle of the Sirens, Odysseus faces the temptation to be lured to inaction through...


has a Master’s in Historical Theology from King’s College London and a Master’s in Library Science through the University of Oklahoma. He is the blog and media managing editor for the Fellowship of St. James and a regular contributor to Touchstone and Salvo. He has worked as a ghost-writer, in addition to writing for a variety of publications, including the Colson Center, World Magazine, and The Symbolic World. Phillips is the author of Gratitude in Life's Trenches (Ancient Faith, 2020), and Rediscovering the Goodness of Creation (Ancient Faith, 2023). He operates a blog at

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