Build-a-Queer by Mail

The Queer Trans Project


The Florida-based, black- and trans-led Queer Trans Project (QTP) was founded in 2021 by Cielo Sunsarae. A female who identifies as non-binary, Sunsarae started QTP to “alleviate [her] gender dysphoria around [her] chest.” Sunsarae, an “established champion for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ equality [is] passionate about restructuring the biased mental framework in today’s cis, white, and heteronormative society.”

Motivated by the founder’s own body-dysphoria, one of QTP’s first missions was to provide free breast binders for trans-identifying girls. Upon securing donated binders and other resources, QTP next began assembling and shipping free “Build-a-Queer...


graduated summa cum laude from California State University, Fresno, with a BS in molecular biology and a minor in cognitive psychology. As an undergraduate, she conducted research in immunology, microbiology, behavioral and cognitive psychology, scanning tunneling microscopy and genetics - having published research in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, and projects in scanning tunneling microscopy. Having recently completed an M.Ed. from University of Cincinnati and a Certificate in Apologetics with the Talbot School of Theology at Biola University, Emily is currently an instructional designer/content developer for Moody Bible Institute and teaches organic chemistry and physics. As a former Darwinian evolutionist, Emily now regards the intelligent design arguments more credible than those proffered by Darwinists for explaining the origin of life.

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