A World Worth Remembering

A Night to Remember

An acquaintance of mine recently wondered aloud where all the historical films have gone. Since I don’t keep track of what Hollywood is doing right now—I am uninterested in comic-book superheroes turned into dark lords of violence and computer-generated noise and nonsense—I hadn’t known that the genre had disappeared. I should have suspected it. From the days of Sir Walter Scott till 1960 at least, the historical novel was popular fare for people who didn’t go in for Tolstoy or Balzac. It was a way of indulging a taste for old things without having to pick your way through precisely researched historiography. You could set down your Francis Parkman and read James Fenimore Cooper.



PhD, is a Distinguished Professor at Thales College and the author of over thirty books and many articles in both scholarly and general interest journals. A senior editor of Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity, Dr. Esolen is known for his elegant essays on the faith and for his clear social commentaries. In addition to Salvo, his articles appear regularly in Touchstone, Crisis, First Things, Inside the Vatican, Public Discourse, Magnificat, Chronicles and in his own online literary magazine, Word & Song.

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