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As America goes, so goes the rest of the world. There's a great deal of truth to that saying, especially now that we live in an era of 24/7 news, where ideas and movements spread faster than the Covid-19 virus. The rise of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, cultural Marxism, and the Woke Revolution have politicized many institutions across the United States, and the contamination has now spread all across the Western world, influencing liberal democracies like Australia, New Zealand, the nations that comprise the European Union, and the UK, where I live.

Wokeness is political correctness gone mad. It's a new secular religion, with "social justice" being its new god and "cancel culture" its military wing. Its...


holds a Ph.D in biochemistry and a BSc in physics & astronomy. His latest book, Chronicling the Golden Age of Astronomy (Springer, 2018), explores four centuries of visual astronomy.

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