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Joseph Mankiewicz's People Will Talk

Professor Elwell (Hume Cronyn), a little man in more ways than one, has hired a detective to get dirt on his fellow professor in a medical school. Since these were the years before the internet and social media, envy and vindictiveness had to proceed along slower and more human lines, such as face-to-face conversation. So, even though this most punctual of academics will be late for class, he invites a sudden visitor into his office. She is a beak-nosed lady (Margaret Hamilton, best known as the Wicked Witch of the West) who seems prime for spite and slander. She is also wary of gossip against herself, as slanderers often are.

"If I come in, does the door get closed?" she asks.

"Naturally," says...


is a professor at Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts in Warner, New Hampshire, and the author of many books, including Life Under Compulsion (ISI Books), Real Music: A Guide to the Timeless Hymns of the Church (Tan, with a CD), Out of the Ashes: Rebuilding American Culture (Regnery), and The Hundredfold: Songs for the Lord (Ignatius Press, 2019). He has also translated Dante's Divine Comedy (Random House). 

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