Systematic Breakthrough

How Autism Led Me from Darwin's Brilliance to Cosmic Truth

Autistic people systemize nearly everything. On top of many of the other features of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that the general public is more familiar with—such as difficulties with social interactions; focused, narrow interests; speech delays; repetitive behaviors—are those less familiar traits of systemizing everything and paying extreme attention to details. In recent years, considerable attention has been given by the press to the notion that many scientists of the past were probably on the spectrum. Some commentators have remarked that the features inherent in a highly functioning autistic mind are conducive to the study of science and engineering, precisely because these fields are driven by explanatory...


graduated summa cum laude from California State University, Fresno, with a BS in molecular biology and a minor in cognitive psychology. As an undergraduate, she conducted research in immunology, microbiology, behavioral and cognitive psychology, scanning tunneling microscopy and genetics - having published research in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, and projects in scanning tunneling microscopy. Having recently completed an M.Ed. from University of Cincinnati and a Certificate in Apologetics with the Talbot School of Theology at Biola University, Emily is currently an instructional designer/content developer for Moody Bible Institute and teaches organic chemistry and physics. As a former Darwinian evolutionist, Emily now regards the intelligent design arguments more credible than those proffered by Darwinists for explaining the origin of life.

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #52, Spring 2020 Copyright © 2023 Salvo |


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