Fashionable Fascists

Jordan Peterson & the Toxic Ideology of Identity Politics

In October 2019, the alternative Seattle newspaper The Stranger reported that radical leftists had been working to block showings of a controversial new film. One church near Portland was planning to show the film until it received a message warning that "several community organizations are planning to shut down your showing of the . . . film." The message claimed that the movie promoted fascism, and it concluded with a threat of violence:

[W]e cannot allow fascism to continue to rise and will not tolerate its presence in our city, whether it is on the streets or on the waterfront or in a church. . . . As much as we joke about it, we really don't want to have to...


is the author of Gratitude in Life's Trenches: How to Experience the Good Life Even When Everything Is Going Wrong (Ancient Faith 2020). He has a Master's in history from King’s College, London, and is currently working on a Master’s in Library Science through the University of Oklahoma. He is Blog & Media Managing Editor for the Fellowship of St. James and a frequent contributor to Salvo and Touchstone magazines. He operates a blog at

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