Deadly Harvest

Patriarchy & the Violence of Fatherless Men

Along with several dozen other prospective jurors, I recently was ushered into an Illinois state criminal courtroom. On our left sat the defendant, a young man, with his defense attorney. Seated directly in front of us, facing the judge, were two men and one woman from the state's attorney's office. Three state prosecutors? It looked like trouble to me.

Sure enough. The judge instructed us that we were to judge the guilt or innocence of the defendant on one count of first-degree murder and three counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

It was grim. This was not television. One victim was dead, three injured (one paralyzed, one blinded). The life of the accused man might be...


is the executive editor of Salvo and Touchstone magazines.

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #44, Spring 2018 Copyright © 2020 Salvo |


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