The Path to Intimacy

It Took Courage to Find It

For as long as he can remember, John has been attracted to men. For nearly twenty years, he lived, as he describes it, the gay lifestyle. But something was missing; something never felt quite right. Although he was sought after, considered desirable, and always invited to the "best" parties, his sexual encounters left him wanting.

I had no sense of peace or contentment. I could feel satiated but not at peace. I could act out sexually and be satisfied, but I'd always walk away feeling empty. It never completely fulfilled me. As a Catholic, I'd had my glimpses of being at peace, at times feeling contentment that I never had in the lifestyle. It's a very difficult way...


is the author of the newly-released book, Don’t Let the Culture Raise Your Kids, published by Our Sunday Visitor.  She has been covering family issues for twenty-five years, as a producer for CBS News, a contributor to National Catholic Register, and a Senior Editor for Salvo magazine.  She has written for, First Things, WORLD magazine, and Touchstone.

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #25, Summer 2013 Copyright © 2020 Salvo |


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