Speak No Evil

Judging by the New Blasphemy Code, Moral Views Are Excluded

We have become a people who are less careful about doing evil than judging evil. Don't believe me? Try this at your next dinner party: while your guests are at their cordials, ask, "Who believes that extramarital affairs are always morally wrong?"

I'm of an age to remember a time when most, if not all, hands would have shot up. Today, it would be unusual if most eyebrows didn't, and even if you're so fortunate as to get a verbal response, it will likely be something like, "Between consenting adults?" or "Sometimes" or "Yeah, no, I dunno!" or "It's not for you or us to judge."

To Be a Nice Person



Regis Nicoll  is a retired nuclear engineer and physicist, a Colson Center fellow, and a Christian commentator on faith and culture. He is the author of Why There Is a God: And Why It Matters, available at Amazon.

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #25, Summer 2013 Copyright © 2020 Salvo | www.salvomag.com https://salvomag.com/article/salvo25/speak-no-evil


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