What Greta Got Right

And What She Should Really Be Angry About

Greta Thunberg, the outraged teen turned climate star who lectured world leaders about stealing her childhood and dreams, says her message is the same, again and again: “Listen to the scientists, listen to the scientists. Listen to the scientists!”

Now, I think she’s right that the people sitting in posh chairs at the UN don’t really care about her, so in that sense, she does have a point. But her trust is terribly misdirected. Who are “the scientists” she wants us to listen to, and why should we listen to them?

Gregory Whitestone, a 35-year veteran of geoscience, took a deep dive into the methods of “those scientists” and scrutinized what’s being pushed as scientific “fact.” The conclusion? We are being lied to. We’re being lied to about climate change, we’re being lied to about CO2, and we’re being lied to about a potential true climate apocalypse. Speaking to the Eagle Council last month, Whitestone said that both NASA and NOAA have been manipulating the data to make their charts look more scary and that climate models are overpredicting warming by 2½ - 3 times.

Worse, while “the scientists” tell us CO2 levels are too high, Whitestone says they’re actually dangerously low. Atmospheric CO2 has been as high as 2500ppm over geologic history. Right now, we’re sitting at 400ppm. There is a level, though, below which plant life cannot survive, a threshold he calls the “line of death.” If we cross that line, then we would be looking at a true climate apocalypse. Remember, CO2 is plant food. The CO2 line of death is 150ppm, and we are actually, even now, he said, “CO2 impoverished.”

What Greta and her newfound following should be angry about is this. We’ve been lied to about climate science. The earth is not dying; it’s thriving! We’re currently in a warming trend that began about 300 years ago, and it’s produced a global greening that has allowed more crops to be grown and humanity to benefit. Before climate science was politicized, Whitestone said, warm trends were called “climate optima,” because historically, civilizations have thrived during warm periods.

We’ve also been lied to about climate politics. What is being put forth as “science” is notscience but is politics. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), cited as the authoritative UN source for science, is a political body appointed by and subject to governments.

And here’s what Greta should be most angry about. At one time, her home country was a predominantly Christian nation, and even today, a majority identifies with some form of Christianity. Any populace tying itself to Christianity should, at a minimum, retain some recognition that our future well-being lies not with the state but with God. But Greta and her cohorts have been taught that their future well-being lies in the hands of government.

Greta accused world leaders of failing her. She’s right about that, except not in the way she thinks. Nowhere has the UN ever accepted the burden of providing her with a childhood, fulfilling her dreams, or in any other way serving her interests. They’re not interested in her, except to the extent that she serves their interests.

Her own nation and local leaders have sold her heritage for a mess of pottage. They are the ones who have failed her the most. And if anyone has “stolen” her childhood and dreams, it would be the climate catastrophists who, after filling her with fear, have put her on international display to serve their own agenda.

 is Deputy Editor of Salvo and writes on apologetics and matters of faith.

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