UN Moves to Endorse Adult-Child Sex under the Guise of “Human Rights”

The United Nations (UN) used to be a force for great good when it was first established after the end of World War II. It was founded to harmonize peaceful cooperation between nations and to establish universal human rights, but over the last few decades, it has deteriorated into a godless institution - an antisemitic mouthpiece, with most of its member states showing an irrational hatred for the only democracy in the Middle East (Israel), and a proponent of sexual immorality.

Now there are signs that the UN is promoting what was unthinkable just a few short years ago – “consensual” sex between adults and minors.

Yes, the same institution that once spearheaded campaigns against the evil of child sexual abuse now seems to be siding with those who want to normalize it. But should this really be surprising? After all, the UN has a questionable history of disguising sexual misconduct by its own staff members.

Known Pedophiles as Aid Workers

Back in 2018, leading world news outlets called our attention to a shocking story alleging that UN staff were responsible for over 60,000 cases of sexual exploitation, including rape and sex with underage persons. “There are tens of thousands of aid workers around the world with pedophile tendencies, but if you wear a UNICEF T-shirt, nobody will ask what you’re up to," said Dr. Andrew MacCleod, former chief of operations at the UN's Emergency Coordination Center in an interview with The Sun. What’s more these 60,000 cases were perpetrated by 3,300 known pedophiles working within the organization. “Child rape crimes are being inadvertently funded, in part, by United Kingdom tax-payers,” MacCleod added.

It’s not at all surprising that pedophiles would be attracted to an organization with the plight of children as its center focus. You only have to look at the many alleged scandals within churches, public schools, and other charitable organizations where children are involved. In many nations, UN aid workers have direct access to vulnerable women and children suffering the effects of war, famines, and environmental disasters. Predators always target the vulnerable.

"The National Crime Authority in the United Kingdom has been warning since 1999 that as we crack down on pedophiles in the developed world, the pedophiles are now going to the developing world to get access to children,” Dr. MacLeod continued. “[W]orse, the National Crime Authority has been warning that predatory pedophiles' chosen methodology to gain access to children is to join a children's charity."

“Jurists” to the Rescue?

In the wake of these offenses, a team of jurists commissioned by the UN now appears to be promoting the idea of sex with minors. A March 2023 publication of the International Commission of Jurists claims that children have the legal right to have sex with adults. Here’s a direct quote:

Sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law.

According to this team of jurists, this is part of a "human rights-based approach" to laws governing sexual relations. Furthermore, the report states:

The enforcement of criminal law should reflect the rights and capacity of persons under 18 years of age to make decisions about engaging in consensual sexual conduct and their right to be heard in matters concerning them……. Pursuant to their evolving capacities and progressive autonomy, persons under 18 years of age should participate in decisions affecting them, with due regard to their age, maturity, and best interests, and with specific attention to non-discrimination guarantees.

While the report doesn’t explicitly advocate legalizing sex with minors, it does assert that minors possess the cognitive ability to engage in consensual sex with older partners. Thankfully, the document has caused widespread indignation among specialists, who assert that the United Nations is attempting to normalize underage sexual activity by promoting a radical sexual ideology that has traditionally been relegated to the unsavory margins of society.

According to Grace Melton, a Trump Administration appointee to the UN and analyst at the Heritage Foundation, there are far more sinister revelations lurking in the same UN report:

Not only does it suggest that minors may be mature enough to consent to sexual activity, but it also asserts that “criminal law may not in any way impair” the so-called right to abortion or to “gender-affirming care.”

The report also contains sections that recommend widespread decriminalization of virtually all sexual activities. As a component of this effort, it states that no form of consensual sexual behavior should be subject to criminalization under any circumstances:

Consensual same-sex, as well as consensual different-sex sexual relations, or consensual sexual relations with or between trans, nonbinary, and other gender-diverse people, or outside marriage—whether pre-marital or extramarital—may, therefore, never be criminalized.

Part of a Broader Movement

These revelations, especially as it regards adults having sex with children, should raise the ire of anyone with a conscience. Unfortunately, this is part of a wider movement among Hollywood elites and even among some circles of our academic institutions. Recently, I highlighted the push to consider pedophiles as a marginalized group of people who should command our sympathies and not our censure.

What the UN report is effectively saying is that adult-child sexual activity can be morally acceptable if the child consents to it. It’s a diabolical strategy conjured by powerful and influential sexual deviants within our institutions who prey on the naïveté of children by conferring new “rights” on minors who are woefully incapable of dealing with them, either physiologically or psychologically.

This kind of depraved thinking is consonant with the woke Left’s efforts to uncouple children from their parents and from Judeo-Christian values and norms. Given these appalling realities, we must all redouble our efforts to protect children from these predators by voicing our opposition to our elected and school officials and removing children from environments that promote these wicked ideologies. This much we owe to our children.

is that author of eight books on amateur and professional astronomy. His latest book is Choosing & Using Binoculars, a Guide for Stargazers, Birders and Outdoor Enthusiasts (Springer Publishing, 2023).

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