"Roe v. Wade"

New Feature Film Chronicles the Derelictions of Duty that Led to Abortion on Demand

We’ve marked nearly fifty years of legalized abortion in America, yet we remain as divided as ever over the issue. Most Americans know Roe v. Wade was the decision that produced abortion on demand, but how many know the backstory of what produced Roe? Nick Loeb and Cathy Allyn have brought to the screen a feature film telling the little known but historically established account of how Roe came about. It was the diametrical opposite of a grass roots movement, and it originated, not with women, but with small cadre of men.

Roe v. Wade the movie chronicles the events from 1966 to 1973, telling the story primarily through the eyes of NARAL co-founder Dr. Bernard Nathanson, a New York Ob-Gyn who proudly owned the titles “Abortion King” and “The Scraper” until sonogram technology allowed him to see what he was doing live, at which point he had a massive change of heart.

The real driver of the abortion agenda was fellow NARAL co-founder Larry Lader, who had been mentored by Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. Here are just a few of the little-known facts about the case that the movie brings to light. Together Lader and Nathanson:

  • Used women to do their work for them. First, they recruited feminist author Betty Friedan, who was not a proponent of abortion, because they wanted the budding women’s movement to take up the cause (which it did). Once Friedan was on board, they used other women as tools to expedite their agenda to the Supreme Court.
  • Made up statistics to make their case to the public. Illegal abortions? A million a year. Deaths due to illegal abortions? 10,000/year. Doctors favorable to abortion? 87%. Public favorability? 67%. All fabricated out of thin air.
  • Overtly lied about the nature of the procedure: “Life does not begin at conception.” “There is no baby. It’s just tissue.” As a physician, Nathanson knew better, but he went along anyway, telling himself and others that it was “for the greater good.” The media amplified everything they said, like dutiful, feckless lemmings.

Roe v. Wade also draws out some of the inner wranglings of the Supreme Court Justices, among whom there were conflicts of interest, significant ambivalence, and manipulative machinations wholly unbefitting judges serving on the highest court in the land. It all comes together as legal drama and (hopefully) thought-provoking social history for American citizens of conscience.

The abortion lobby will likely either vilify or try to suppress it (or both) – which is why you and I should make every effort to see it and encourage others not only to see it, but to check out the history for themselves. Here’s an excerpt from the Director’s Statement:

In researching this film, we were both dumbfounded at the conspiracies, money, media manipulation, and power that was truly behind this monumental decision. No different than today, a story was painted in the media to influence the American people. Articles were planted in the New York Times with false research, plot lines were bought and paid for on hit TV Shows and Movies, and facts and statistics were simply made up.

The goal in making this movie is to educate people. We included a lot of controversial facts that we hope will encourage our audience to do their own research. If all Americans learned the truth behind Roe v. Wade, then they could actually make a more informed decision about such a sensitive issue.

In anticipation of abortion lobby pushback, the production team has also published a detailed fact-check sheet with references to support claims portrayed in the movie.

Roe v. Wade is now available on Digital and DVD and will be released on April 2nd on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and On Demand. Click here to see the trailer, and make plans to see it in the interest of fostering a more informed decision-making populace.

 is Deputy Editor of Salvo and writes on apologetics and matters of faith.

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