Marching into Madness

Announcing the Social Justice Warrior Network (SJWN) Woke Tournament

Although we live in the United States of America, we appear to be far from united when it comes to our politics. While we've been fairly consistent in having two major political parties throughout our history, over the last several decades, various sub-groups have formed based upon a more-or-less common identity or particular concern. Each of these groups shares a common goal of obtaining political, social, and economic power to implement policies favorable to their point of view. This has led to an increasingly splintered and competitive political arena, in which uneasy and fragile coalition building has given way to outright appeals to the public's emotions. Each group attempts to present itself as virtuous and/or marginalized, and in doing so, hopes to gain the support of the compassionate, if successfully persuaded, public.

In the spirit of old-fashioned competition, the Social Justice Warrior Network (SJWN) has created a compelling, not to mention potentially lucrative, opportunity for many of these groups to contend among themselves to determine which of them is most deserving of public support, compassion, political power, and money. Which of these groups has been the most aggrieved, the most marginalized, the one most deserving of reparations and/or recognition, and protection of their self-proclaimed rights and promotion of their particular agenda, including the opportunity to silence their opponents?

We can find out with the SJW "Woke" Identity Politics Tournament, modeled after the NCAA's March Madness basketball tournament!

How It Works

As with the NCAA event, there are four brackets comprised of a loosely related set of characteristics or beliefs around which these identity group teams have formed: 1) Sex, Gender, Family Status; 2) Race, Ethnicity, & Nationality; 3) Politics, Religion, & Worldview; and 4) Class, Disability, & Socio-Economic Status (SES). The top sixteen teams in each region have been entered into the tournament. Unlike the NCAA, there are no seedings; the entrants have been randomly set into the draw. The competitors are as follows:

Several worthy competitors in each region were regrettably eliminated from the final selections, such as Blended Family, Abortion Rights Advocate, & Human Trafficking (Region 1), Aborigine, South American, WWII Internment Family, & Polish (Region 2), Peacenik, Animist, & Dictatorship (Region 3), and Gig Worker/Artist, Academic, & Welfare Recipient (Region 4).

A number of variations make this event more interesting than the NCAA's. First, winners are determined by the number of votes they get from the public's answer to the simple question: Which team is more deserving of political, economic, and social protection and promotion?

After two rounds, things get really fun! The members of the Sweet 16 can choose one of their section's eliminated teams to add to their roster. For example, if teams 1 vs. 2 and 3 vs. 4 in round 1 produce winners 1 and 4, and then the winner of 1 vs. 4 is 4, before proceeding to the next round, team 4 can add one of the eliminated teams to their roster. This happens again in the Final Four. One of the teams eliminated from the Sweet 16 can be added to the winner of each region. Adding these "players" may give them a boost as they come toward the championship.

Let the Games Begin!

And then let's see who ends up having the most "juice" in American society! May the most deserving victims come to the fore!

Mark Odell is a professional counselor and marriage and family therapist in private practice in Kalispell, Montana.

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