Hear Them Roar?

The Irony of the Feminist Embrace of Abortion

The old theme song of the feminist movement is Helen Reddy's "I am woman." The favorite line is "I am woman, hear me roar."

A problem comes in the third verse, in which the singer proclaims:

"But I'm just an embryo with a long long way to go..."

Hmmm.  A singing embryo; and, coupled with the remaining sentiment in the lyrics, an entity that is endowed with the capacity for self- determination.

Not in the USA. In our country, life does not begin until the mother decides to confer upon the fetus the status of "living human being." With the current radical abortion law in New York, the question that is never answered is:

Where does abortion leave off and homicide begin? In other words, when does the "right-to-abort" end? Say a woman in New York goes to have her baby. She has selected a well-respected obstetrician to do the delivery, but the doctor, a woman, is pro-life and has made that clear to the patient. The pregnant human agrees.

Then, she comes to the hospital and has her first hard contraction. She decides that she doesn't want to have the baby after all. What does her doctor do? If her doctor refuses to abort the child, the woman now having the unwanted baby can win a case in civil court that commits the doctor to the financial responsibility of raising that child, plus punitive damages for "pain and suffering"!

Consider another scenario. The same woman goes into labor and tells the obstetrician that she has changed her mind and wants to abort the child. The doctor performs the abortion. The woman then sues, saying that she was under the influence of pain medication and was incapable of making an informed decision. Now the doctor goes to jail for homicide.

Of course, New York may attempt to avoid such legal insanity by denying licensure to any obstetrician with the temerity to hold human life sacrosanct.

A final irony for "hear-me-roar" feminists is that half of the aborted babies are female. I guess the fact that they are silent and helpless (and can't roar) disqualifies them from any of the empowerment demanded by the feminists. The pro-abortionists are treating females in utero with           contempt. They need to listen to them:

"I'm just an embryo with a long long way to go... Hear me, someone, anyone?"

is an M.D. and veteran of the Air Force. His editorials have appeared in a local online paper, Roanoke Star.

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