Abortion's Censorship

Whose Interests Are the Abortion Industry Protecting?

The pro-abortion crowd claims to protect the rights of women. Why do they suppress relevant information? Breast cancer risk is increased in women who have had abortions. If you look at all the studies done in the United States, they claim it is not. Why is this? Because breast cancer risk is also increased by early onset of sexual activity and multiple sexual partners.

You cannot find a large enough statistical group in our country where they had abortion but did not have these other risk factors. In order to find such a group, you would need to go to, for instance, India. Here, where they have abortions without the above confounding factors, the breast cancer incidence has exploded and abortion is found as a significant independent variable.

"Induced Abortion as an Independent Risk Factor for Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Studies on South Asian Women," Joel Brind, Ph.D., Steven J. Condly, Ph.D., Angela Lanfranchi, M.D.,FACS, and Brent Rooney, M.Sc.

Other studies are available if you take the time to look for them. They are not to be found in American journals or government publication. This is academic and scientific censorship.

Placenta previa is a medical condition associated with hemorrhage and fetal endangerment. It occurs when the placenta is down in the uterus close to the cervix. Studies show a 70% increase in placenta previa in women having a previous abortion. Incompetent cervix, leading to spontaneous (unwanted) abortion is increased in women who have had previous abortions, whether suction or D&C. These data can be found, but they are usually buried in jargon.

Furthermore, the feminists won't acknowledge that there are significant psychological changes that can occur in the life of a woman who has had an abortion. Alternatively, they will blame such occurrences on the pro-life crowd for creating an environment of guilt. How odd that they claim that the deplorable pro-life crowd could possibly influence a woman who is smart, modern, and sufficiently integrated to have an abortion in the first place.

The pro-woman crowd doesn't seem to care that there are infertile women who would gratefully accept an unwanted child. Our adoption process and legal fees are responsible for so many infertile couples going overseas to adopt. A convenient lie is that a mother would experience greater guilt from giving a child up to adoption instead of aborting the child. Planned Parenthood does not provide adoption services, but they do "make referrals." How often? By Planned Parenthood's own data, they make one adoption referral for every 118 abortions performed.

The feminists love stories of strong independent women who defy convention and plot their own course. A movie released earlier this year, Unplanned, is a true story about a pro-choice female, Abby Johnson, a rising executive at Planned Parenthood, who changed her mind, became pro-life, and plotted a new course.

Television stations, fearing a feminist backlash, refused to run ads for Unplanned. That's okay. The movie broke all box-office predictions. It seems the American public doesn't need the feminists to tell them what movies to see.

is an M.D. and veteran of the Air Force. His editorials have appeared in a local online paper, Roanoke Star.

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