Abortion: A Doctrine of Demons

The New Old Ritual of Child Sacrifice Is Finding a New Home in "Christian" America

In 2011, Mark Harrington and Seth Drayer founded Created Equal to train a new generation of youth to defend human rights for all, regardless of age. As they went about making the case for equality for unborn human life, they began to see a disturbing trend. They were being increasingly harassed by abortion advocates who identified with Satanism.

"Hail Satan, Bro!" somebody might yell,"Hail Satan!" Sometimes people would get right up in their faces. Other times they acted out bizarre rituals. Sometimes things got violent.

Mark, Seth, and their team started paying more attention to this trend. When they looked into current Satanic beliefs and practices, they discovered some disturbing parallels: (1) There are common themes in the language of abortion advocacy and express Satanic tenets, and (2) there are common threads to abortion itself and rituals of Satanic worship. Lest anyone question these disturbing suggestions, they've documented what they've encountered and drawn the connections in the short film, Abortion: A Doctrine of Demons. YouTube removed it after about a week, but you can watch it on Created Equal's website. Check it out and draw your own conclusions.

Another theme that emerges is that for some abortion defenders, their activism is carried out under the banner of religion or takes on a decidedly religious tone. For example:

• "I did [have the abortion]! And I'm a Catholic, and I go to church every Sunday," said a smiling recently post-abortive woman. "I know I killed my baby," she continued, almost in a squeal, while clapping her hands together as if this were something we should all be rejoicing over.

• At a "Your Choice" abortion facility "blessing service," a priestess (or something like a priestess) wearing a clerical collar and a multicolored stole quoted Jesus from behind a lectern. A sign hanging from the lectern read, "Faithfully Pro-Choice." She then turned to the facility staff and said, "I say to you, 'God bless you!' I say to you, 'Keep on doing what you're doing.' Because if it had not been, and if it were not for, the work of people like you, too many of us, our sisters, would be dead from abortions gone wrong. God bless you!"

• At the same ceremony, a woman testified through sniffles about a pre-abortion spiritual visitation. "In my faith, there is only a thin veil, or door, that separates the living from the other side. And so, about two weeks before my abortion was scheduled, I started having visions and talking to the spirit of the child that had come to me. I knew it was from the spirit of that child saying, 'It's okay.' … And I truly felt that it was a blessing from the spirit to make the decision that I needed to make."

No matter where you place yourself on the pro-choice-pro-life spectrum, these are not expressions of politics or health care. They are clearly expressions that are spiritual in nature.

Let us pause here a moment and ask a penetrating question: Who else might see abortion in a spiritual context?

Former Satanic High Wizard Zachary King, who assisted in abortions as part of his Satanic practice, explains the role of sacrifice and killing in Satanism. "Blood is the binding agent in a Satanic anything," he said. "Ultimately, you're wanting the blood of the baby because that is the Satanic sacrifice." There are heavy implications behind this assertion. Secularists may brush it all off, but if you profess belief in a spiritual realm, don't dismiss King's comments too quickly. From antiquity, pagan rituals have included blood sacrifice of children, such as in worship to the Canaanite god Moloch. And the Apostle Paul specifically said that the sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons.

In 2018, archeologists discovered the remains of 140 children in northern Peru, and they believe the children were ritually sacrificed to appease the gods in the wake of unfavorable weather. Medieval sacrifices to secure fair weather may strike us as barbaric superstition that has, thankfully, been consigned to history. But how different, really, are they from contemporary movements in which abortion is part of a plan to avert a feared climate catastrophe?

"Many Christians only consider abortion as a political or educational issue," says Harrington. "However, abortion is a spiritual battle at its core." Much of Abortion: A Doctrine of Demons is footage from Created Equal's pro-life advocacy in the public square, and you should watch it if for no other reason to be aware of the tenor of this conflict.

Hopefully, if you do, you will find yourself moved to choose the right side. Then find a way you can serve as an agent of light and expose what is taking place in our midst under cover of darkness.

 is Deputy Editor of Salvo and writes on apologetics and matters of faith.

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