The Superiority Complex

A Fraternity of Experts Thinks It Knows What's Best for You

If there was one overarching goal of the Marxist project, it was to refashion human nature. With regard to both religion and politics, the Marxists argued that an obsession with God and a belief in national identity had to be squelched and defeated.

An ideology putatively based on the common man ultimately had little confidence in that man's beliefs. Marxists maintained that they were endowed with an understanding that others did not possess. While Marxism is dead, this distaste for the opinion of the common man persists.

It now takes the form of "expert" opinion, issuing from what I would call the fraternity of experts who are eager to regulate human behavior. These...

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #7, Winter 2008 Copyright © 2020 Salvo |


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