Repairing the Ruins

Classical Christian Schools: A Response to a Culture in Crisis

In the book of Genesis, we’re told that Jacob and Esau contended against one another from the time they were in the womb. Of the many details we find in the narrative, one of the most important is the meaningful difference between the two: Esau despised his birthright, but Jacob wanted it. Call it a difference in piety, perhaps, and for all his faults, Jacob still understood the good of receiving an inheritance—a heritage and a blessing from their father. Contrast this with Esau’s appetitive disregard for the birthright. According to the author of Hebrews, we find in Esau “a profane” man.

Many have pointed out that modern man is a type of Esau. Our general disposition today is to reject the wisdom of...


Devin O'Donnell is the Vice President of Membership and Publishing at the Association of Classical Christian Schools. He is author of The Age of Martha: A Call to Contemplative Learning in a Frenzied Culture (2019). He was the Research Editor of Bibliotheca in 2015 and has worked in classical Christian education for 20 years. He and his family live in the Northwest, where he writes, fly fishes, and remains a classical hack.

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #69, Summer 2024 Copyright © 2024 Salvo |


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