Identity Checkup

The 15-Minute Transgender Consult

Jessica was one of my patients on a busy day in the clinic. Self-conscious about her weight and the fashion limitations of her socioeconomic class, Jessica clearly fell somewhere among the vulnerable lower rung of the junior-high-school cultural food chain. As her single and disabled custodial grandmother spoke, Jessica sat motionless, arms crossed, staring furiously at the floor. From a previous visit I had discerned that in the gray zone of adolescence, her emotional maturity lagged toward the child end of the spectrum, a place I wish young patients like her could be left in peace, unmolested, to naturally mature at a slower pace than some of their peers. But seeing her adult woman’s body and the smartphone clutched in her hand,...


is a rural family physician. He and his wife Dale, also a physician, divide their time between primary care in Texas and six months abroad each year with Free Burma Rangers. Bruce has delivered over 3,000 babies and has never once guessed or randomly assigned the sex of a newborn.

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #68, Spring 2024 Copyright © 2024 Salvo |


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