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What the Pandemic Taught Us About Family Life

The 2020-2021 shutdown was rough in a lot of ways. Amid pandemic fears, shelter-in-place orders, mandatory or voluntary quarantines, financial insecurities, and having to get a Covid test every time someone sniffled—well, we would expect families to be overjoyed at the prospect of sending kids back to school, getting into the office, and resuming life as normal.

Except . . . we're not. At least not entirely. As of earlier this spring, roughly 40 percent of Americans preferred to work from home full-time once pandemic restrictions lifted, and 35 percent wanted a home/office hybrid arrangement. Only 25 percent were looking forward to going back to the office full-time.1 For kids,...


is the managing editor of The Natural Family, the quarterly publication of the International Organization for the Family.

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #59, Winter 2021 Copyright © 2022 Salvo |


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