How the Woke Stole Tolerance

On Dr. Seuss & the Absurd Cancellation of His Liberal Anti-Racism

Earlier this year, when the left waxed woke until six of Dr. Seuss's books were withdrawn from print, and the right went into predictable paroxysms of rage over "censorship," the really interesting part of the controversy went unnoticed by both sides. The real story is that in the topsy-turvy world of the woke, tolerance has become the new bigotry, and race neutrality has become the new racism.

The strange itinerary that brought the popular children's author Dr. Seuss from being an icon of the political left to being considered its enemy is illustrative of the devolution of liberalism itself as it collapses into the successor ideology of wokeism. As the left cannibalizes its own values, equality is being...


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This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #58, Fall 2021 Copyright © 2023 Salvo |


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