Lethal Logic

The Inevitability of Infanticide

In 1973, when abortion became the "law of the land" by judicial fiat, pro-lifers warned that one day it would lead to infanticide. "Get real!" abortion proponents retorted:

"Do you mean you really can't tell the difference between a collection of cells and a newborn squalling and kicking its arms and legs?"

Sure, there's a huge difference: They don't look the same, just as a newborn and an adult look different, though all three have exactly the same genetic code. What advocates of the unborn were saying was that the same logic used to justify killing in the womb can be used to justify killing outside the womb.

One day is today.

In New York State,...


is a media consultant and free-lance writer. He was a staff writer and syndicated columnist for The Boston Herald from 1983 to 2002, and communications director and coalitions coordinator for the World Congress of Families from 2007 to 2018.

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