Sexual Dissent

You’re Not Benefiting from the New Sexual Order, Are You?

Is being asexual okay?" my young friend Sami asked me by text.

How do you answer that? I met Sami through a college ministry I'm connected with, and the more I get to know her, the more I marvel at her sweet dispo­sition and childlike faith. Born to a teen mom, a sex-abuse survivor, and the victim several times over of a broken foster care system, she became a Christian at age eighteen through a hairdresser friend. I'm not her mom, but sometimes I put on a mom hat and field her questions.

"I think so," I texted back. "What is meant by asexual?"

"When you feel attraction but, like, don't want to act on it sexually," she said.


Terrell Clemmons is Deputy Editor of Salvo and writes on apologetics and matters of faith.

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #48, Spring 2019 Copyright © 2023 Salvo |


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