Strange Misbehaviors Are Really Out There

An observer from outer space might look at life on Planet Earth with amazement. In addition to plants of every kind and color, he would see a stunning variety of creatures on land, in the sea, and in the air, crawling, walking, swimming, flying, or staying put. If he studied them over time, he might notice that wildly different forms of life share one activity: they all procreate. Our observer might report:

"In addition to consuming nutrients, growing, and dying, Earth organisms reproduce. This is done by plants, bacteria, and animals, in many ways, including by the use of pollen, seeds, cell division, asexual reproduction, and sexual reproduction by 'male' and 'female.' New members of each of the myriad of Earth species are constantly being created; the procreators, without exception, later die.

"Earth—from bacteria to beets, beech trees to begonias, bees to birds, buffalos to baboons—teems with procreation. It appears there is a master plan that life will go on endlessly through reproduction. Earth may be called the Fertile Planet, with all life showcasing a routine, dynamic, and built-in drive toward fertility.

"Some species have self-contained 'reproductive systems.' Some multiply by dividing. Some have reproductive systems in two components, each dependent on the other, called 'sexes' (from an old word meaning to divide or cut). This system is only complete when the two halves, the male and female sexes, come together in 'sexual intercourse.' A tiny fraction of sexually reproducing species has the natural ability to change sex. All other species, including Homo sapiens, do not have this ability. With them, each sex is distinct, with unique functions, and not interchangeable.

Inexplicable Deviance

"Among those that divide into stable male and female sexes, Homo occidentalis has been acting strangely, exhibiting self-destructive behavior with respect to its reproductive systems. The species has been observed using chemicals and other means to suppress its natural fertility, inserting metal devices in various places. They kill millions of their healthy offspring in utero, that is, while they are gestating inside the female.

"Recently, young members of the species have become disoriented, confused about which sex they are. Some of their older 'teachers' tell them that if they imagine themselves to be of the opposite sex from their birth-bodies, they can undergo surgery and hormonal infusions to turn themselves into the opposite sex, even though that is biologically impossible for this species.

"The human genetic structure dictates each new conception to be either male or female and cannot be changed. Yet young females, wanting to be males, have had mastectomies, attempting biological 'alchemy.' Genetically, structurally, hormonally, and neurologically they remain females, but are now mutilated, with injury done to the childbearing endowments given them at birth.

"This misperception may be a mental illness, like anorexia, in which an underweight subject, looking in a mirror, imagines she sees an overweight female and, as a result, eats very little, and may eventually die from malnutrition. It is also like body integrity identity disorder, in which a human imagines that one of his limbs does not belong to his body, so he wishes to have it amputated.

"Proponents of these new behaviors, while increasingly obsessed with sexual activity, seem to fear its procreative powers. While they 'have sex' very often, they have few children. Fewer adults become mothers and fathers, and many die without offspring. This could lead to total sterility and perhaps even human extinction.

"A minority of their intellectual class, however, opposes this development as a 'culture of death,' a hindrance to the natural course of life on Earth. A publication called Salvo regularly reports on this spreading 'meme' (mental virus), which sees having more than one or two children as demeaning and an oppression of females by males. Salvo seeks to combat this meme. It has a difficult but vital task. We fear for the survival of the human occupants of Planet Earth."

is the executive editor of Salvo and Touchstone magazines.

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #45, Winter 2018 Copyright © 2019 Salvo |