Patriarchy Recalled

The Counterintuitive Cure for What Offends Feminine Sensibilities

It's time to talk to guys about sexual harassment," declared Andrea Stanley in Seventeen magazine's Love & Life section. Writing in the wake of the #MeToo moment and the by-then nearly ubiquitous charges of sexual misconduct in the media, Ms. Stanley called "#TimesUp on harassment!" and gave girls "starting points to take the convo to the next level."

They should share with their guy friends, for example, the advice of Wendy Davis. "Think about a hookup like this," the former Texas state senator says. "As you're proceeding, you need to make sure you have permission along the way." Only "yes" means yes. "You need to hear yes in...


 is Deputy Editor of Salvo and writes on apologetics and matters of faith.

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #45, Summer 2018 Copyright © 2023 Salvo |


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