Jungle Gyms

Female Athletics & the Predators Inside

The Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang last February were followed by a jarring juxtaposition of news stories. On one side, the media offered some laudatory stories of women who managed to combine motherhood with careers as high-level athletes. Kikkan Randall, for instance, who won a gold medal in cross-country skiing, is also the mother of a toddler. During the months of rigorous training and traveling leading up to the Olympics, she and her husband, with the help of the whole USA ski team, managed to find a way to keep their family together. (They did leave their son with grandparents during the Olympics, due to cost.) "In a sport like cross-country skiing, where it takes so long to get to the top, you...


is the managing editor of The Natural Family, the quarterly publication of the International Organization for the Family.

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #45, Summer 2018 Copyright © 2024 Salvo | www.salvomag.com https://salvomag.com/article/salvo45/jungle-gyms


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