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Feminism Turns Kindness into Oppression

The claims have been advanced numerous times, including in 2011 in the Psychology of Women Quarterly (PWQ), which asserted that there is a cluster of behaviors called "benevolent sexism." This type of sexism manifests itself in everything from men opening doors for women to a man offering to help a woman choose the right computer. (Horrors!)

Playing the part of a gentleman is a particularly insidious form of benevolent sexism, the researchers claim. While gentlemanly behavior might appear positive towards women, it is actually a form of "gender colonialism," for equality is threatened when a man tells a woman that he cannot live without her or when he "cherishes" her. Indeed, in the...


is the author of Saints and Scoundrels (Canon Press) and has a Ph.M. in history from King’s College, London. He is currently working on a Master’s in library science through the University of Oklahoma. He works as a freelance writer and researcher for a variety of publications and operates a blog at

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