Wrong Rights

Abortion Is the Real War on Women

During the primary debates this year, the candidates have spent a considerable amount of time on "women's rights"—mostly discussing the proposal to defund Planned Parenthood sparked by the horrific videos released by the Center for Medical Progress. The mere thought of restricting access to abortion makes the more liberal candidates wince and decry America's "war on women."

This refrain is heard elsewhere, as many advocacy groups try to put a more positive spin on abortion. For example, the 1 in 3 Campaign, so named for the statistic that one in three women will have an abortion in her lifetime, describes itself as "a grassroots movement to start a new...


is the managing editor of The Natural Family, the quarterly publication of the International Organization for the Family.

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #37, Summer 2016 Copyright © 2024 Salvo | www.salvomag.com https://salvomag.com/article/salvo37/wrong-rights


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