Passion Plays Out

Marital Fidelity Alone Deeply Satisfies

Open marriage" is a term becoming more and more familiar these days, as commentators discuss this or that celebrity's adulterous approach to the sacred institution of marriage. Most recently, "open marriage" has been the subject of a book, causing quite a stir.

Robin Rinaldi, author of The Wild Oats Project: One Woman's Midlife Quest for Passion at Any Cost, found herself feeling restless in her early forties. She had a good husband in Scott, and a good sex life, but she began to think that adding children would bring fulfillment to her life. Scott adamantly refused, and when he went so far as to get a vasectomy, Rinaldi decided to take action. "I refuse to go to my...


is the managing editor of The Natural Family, the quarterly publication of the International Organization for the Family.

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #33, Summer 2015 Copyright © 2024 Salvo |


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