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Why Premium Sex Is Your Best Bet for Relational Success

Last December, television talk-show host Meredith Vieira invited relationship expert Siggy Flicker onto her show as part of her "Ultimate Relationship Gift Guide," to help her female audience answer the big holiday question, "What do I get him?" "It should be about 'from the heart' and it should be a thoughtful thing," Siggy said right off the bat. So, what was the recommended from-the-heart, thoughtful thing for the relationship of a few weeks to three months in? "You're starting to get to know each other. . . . I always say, lingerie, pajamas—or, I love Hanky Panky underwear," she said, holding up a pair of black and red g-string panties.

"But wait,"...


has a BS in Computer Science and worked as a software engineer with IBM until she hopped off the career track to be a full-time mom. She lives in Indianapolis, IN, and writes on apologetics and matters of faith.

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #32, Spring 2015 Copyright © 2020 Salvo |


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