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The Kinsey Virus Goes Global & We're Fighting It

Last year, Salvo issues 25 and 26 reported the attempt by the Croatian government to implement a controversial, Kinsey Institute-influenced sex education program for young schoolchildren. I visited Croatia to raise awareness of the influence of pedophiles and the Kinsey Institute in this curriculum. I met with Archbishop Marin Barisic in February 2013. After a long conversation, when I apprised him of the crimes against children represented in the Kinsey Report, he said: "You have awakened us from lethargy."1 But in the Opening Salvo of issue 25, "Croatian Resistance," we ended with uncertainty: "So far, the [sex education] curriculum remains in place. But...

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #30, Fall 2014 Copyright © 2021 Salvo |


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