Planned Parenthood

Where the Blood & Money Flow


In 1921 Margaret Sanger founded the American Birth Control League (ABCL) to stop the "multiplication of the unfit." A thoroughgoing eugenicist, she believed this would be "the most important and greatest step towards race betterment." Clinics proliferated, and by the early 1940s, ABCL was operating more than 200 centers in America, primarily in black and Latino populated areas.

But as eugenics went out of favor during World War II, so did the organization's name, and Sanger hired a public relations consultant to help craft a new image. "Planned Parenthood," the name adopted in 1942, is actually shorthand for several related organizations that...


has a BS in Computer Science and worked as a software engineer with IBM until she hopped off the career track to be a full-time mom. She lives in Indianapolis, IN, and writes on apologetics and matters of faith.

This article originally appeared in Salvo, Issue #25, Summer 2013 Copyright © 2020 Salvo |


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