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Kinsey's Love Affair with Pedophilia Three Generations Later

Twentieth-century philosopher and mathematician Alfred North Whitehead defined western philosophy as "footnotes to Plato."1 Similarly, sexology can be defined as "footnotes to Alfred Kinsey," whose psychopathologies are writ large in the hetero- and homosexual child-abuse epidemic that is touching every corner of the world, particularly in academic settings.

My own academic case study illustrates the woeful state we are in. On June 18, 1986, American University's (AU) celebrated psychology chairman, Dr. Elliot McGinnies, was discreetly "charged with sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl on four occasions in his trailer at a nudist colony."2 Meanwhile, my staff and I were being rather indiscreetly banished from our AU annex. AU administrators deliberately subverted our research on both Professor Kinsey's child sex crimes and our findings of systematic child sex abuse by "Kinsey's pamphleteer," Hugh Hefner, which were published in a U.S. Department of Justice study titled Images of Children, Crime and Violence in Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler (1984–1986), a study for which I was principal investigator.

Why were we targeted, I wondered? Was there more to it than McGinnies' nudist escapades? Did other AU academics protect their colleague in order to protect themselves from exposure?

Indeed, birds of a feather must have flocked together: In 1990, AU's distinguished president, Dr. Richard Berendzen, pled guilty to charges arising from years of making obscene phone calls to daycare centers. Berendzen would call the centers and talk to the caretakers about having sex with children, child pornography, and sex-slave auctions, and he even claimed to be keeping a 4-year-old girl caged in his basement.3

Shocking but Not Surprising

Fast forward 21 years, to the arrest of Penn State's popular assistant football coach, Jerry Sandusky, for allegedly engaging in the sexual molestation of boys over a period of at least 15 years. In the wake of Sandusky's arrest, head coach Joe Paterno and university president Graham Spanier were fired, and other Penn State officials were formally charged with failing to report Sandusky's alleged abuse to proper authorities.4

Spanier himself had subscribed to Kinsey's views for years. In 1972, he endorsed Kinsey to the Midwest Sociological Society, claiming that Kinsey had accurately documented the "widespread existence of extramarital sexual relations" in the United States. In 1976, under a grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Development, Spanier validated Kinsey's data on "childhood sex play"5 for similar "scholars."

More recently, Spanier approved the choice of Pat Califia, a transgendered advocate of sadomasochism and pedophilia, as the keynote speaker for a women's health conference held at Penn State in 2002. The previous year, the group Womyn's Concerns hosted a "Sex Faire" on campus, featuring such activities as "orgasm bingo" and "the tent of consent." Asked if the fair was morally wrong, Spanier was quoted as saying, "It depends on what your definition of immoral is."6 So while news of the Sandusky affair is shocking, it should come as no surprise.

About the same time as the charges against Sandusky surfaced, Syracuse University associate basketball coach Bernie Fine was also charged with having engaged in homosexual child abuse and fired. Like Sandusky, Fine had allegedly been molesting boys for years. One of his accusers, a former ball boy, said Fine had abused him for six years, beginning as long ago as 1984.7

Training in Deviancy

In fact, as long ago as 1948, the world's future leaders were being taught that sex with children was intelligent adult behavior. Their teacher was that Rockefeller Foundation-funded biology professor at Indiana University, Alfred Kinsey. For 64 years—almost three generations—his Sexual Behavior in the Human Male has trained millions of young college students—like Berendzen, McGinnies, Sandusky, Spanier, and Fine—to believe that all sexual perversion is normal. Both hetero- and homosexual interactions with children are said to help children by replacing "sexually repressed" Judeo-Christian morality with a more "enlightened" sexual worldview. According to one Kinsey disciple, the late Dr. Loretta Haroian, "free sexual expression of children" requires "a sexually supportive society . . . in which every man, woman and child can say 'yes' or 'no' to sex."8 Dr. Haroian was a member of the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, which has trained millions of "sexologists" in the Kinsey mode.

The inroads made by the academic pedophile coterie are reflected not just in the reports coming out of Penn State and Syracuse, but also in earlier incidents at American University, Johns Hopkins, and scores of other institutions of higher learning. Academic journals embraced the Kinseyan worldview early on, as illustrated by Ralph Slovenko's comment in the 1962 Vanderbilt Law Reviewthat "even at the age of four or five, [a girl's] seductiveness may be so powerful as to overwhelm the adult into committing the ­offense"; in other words, a little child could be an "initiator and seducer."9

In 2007, the first Chinese-language book on Kinsey (English title: Kinsey, the Man Who Has Changed the World) was published and sold 500,000 copies in China. Co-author Liana Zhou, head of the Kinsey Institute library, says that, thanks to Kinsey's "pioneering" work, we can now "study human sexuality within the confines of science rather than only through the lens of religion or social morality."10

In Italy, researchers claim to have found a possible "pedophile" gene,11 and the bankrupt Greek government has just amended state-recognized disability categories to include "pedophiles, exhibitionists and kleptomaniacs."12 So now the sexual immorality and psychopathologies of Kinsey are being spread in other countries, too.

All this modern sexual insanity may be a "footnote to Alfred Kinsey," but a few people are trying to set the story straight. When former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann was told by a critic that "10 percent of the population is gay," she replied, "Well, that's according to the Kinsey Report." Her husband, Marcus, then added, "It's been a myth for many years."13

Alas, that myth invented by Kinsey, "the Man Who Has Changed the World," has been normalizing abusive sex education, pornography, child sexual abuse, and sexual trauma all over the world, training millions to be as sexually insane as he was. •

Special thanks to Mary McAlister, Esq., who contributed to this article.

1. Alfred North Whitehead, Process and Reality, (Free Press, 1979), p. 39.
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