Stuart Orr

has earned degrees in physics (B.S., Drexel Institute of Technology), systems engineering and operations research (M.S.E., University of Pennsylvania), and was awarded the honorary Doctor of Laws degree (LL.D.) by Simon Greenleaf School of Law (now Trinity Law School, Deerfield IL) for his work in integrating law, apologetics and human rights as president of the School while completing his Masters of Arts program in theology. Stu had a tri-vocational career that spanned computer information systems and software as well as academia. He taught and lectured on Christian worldview and apologetics at churches throughout Southern California, Colorado, and now Arizona. He was a successful software entrepreneur and hard-core skeptic who found God-in-Christ during his search for meaning and purpose in life. He is founder and president of the Socrates@SaddleBrooke club where members study and discuss the Big Questions of life.

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