NARAL Pro-Choice America & the Dissolution of a Generation

The National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL) was officially born in February 1969 at Chicago's posh Drake Hotel, but its origin traces back a few years earlier to a duo of white, upper-class, New York men—atheist Marxist Lawrence Lader and abortionist (later a pro-life convert) Bernard Nathanson. Lader, the driver and spearhead, had been publishing fabricated "facts" about abortion law and statistics for years, and at great length had persuaded newly minted NOW president Betty Friedan, formerly an adamant opponent of abortion, to adopt abortion as a women's cause. It was Lader who created the slogan, "No woman can call herself free who does not control her own body."

After the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 granted the two men their goal, NARAL changed its name to the National Abortion Rights Action League, and then in 2003 dropped the specific reference to abortion and became NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Today NARAL comprises multiple organizations. NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation focuses on policy and education; NARAL Pro-Choice America, Inc., is a separate nonprofit; and NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC is a political action committee. All of them zealously guard liberalized abortion law. NARAL also has affiliates in 22 states.

Reason for Surveillance:

Although the word is no longer a part of its name, NARAL is all about abortion, and in a similar vein, its highhanded rhetoric is rife with Orwellian euphemisms. "Reproductive rights" are "fundamental human rights." A woman must have at her disposal "the full range of reproductive healthcare options," including her "right to choose if and when to have children," and to make other "private reproductive-health decisions." Otherwise, she "can never be equal."

During the Supreme Court confirmation hearings under Donald Trump, the rhetoric escalated to borderline hysteria. Pro-life pregnancy centers are filled with "anti-choice extremists [who] will stop at nothing." If Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed, he will "strip your bodily autonomy and criminalize abortion as fast as he possibly can." "Imagine a country in which women are trapped, in which the government has more control over their bodies than they do." "We will NOT let anti-choice extremists turn back the clock."

You read these raving rantlets and just want to say, Really, NARAL? Is this what you have become? NARAL's most recent tagline says, "Every woman should be able to decide if, when, how, and with whom they start or grow a family." Okay, fine. Nobody in America disagrees with that. It seems NARAL is the one actually living in the past. Or in a web of deception so dense it can no longer see the truth.

Most Illuminating Disclosure:

And so it gets worse. After abortion became something we had to accommodate as undesirable but necessary because of hard cases, it morphed into something casual to #Shout or celebrate. While Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings were underway, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon partnered with an ice-cream parlor to feature a custom flavor. "What's the Scoop?" read the cutesy little meme advertising "Rocky Roe v. Wade." Yes friends, for $9.50 a pint, you, too, can help "save Roe."

In Judeo-Christian theology, sin is devastatingly progressive. Idols become cruel masters that demand ever-increasing sacrifices. When Betty Friedan sacrificed her moral integrity to push abortion on behalf of women, she delivered up a generation of children to Molech, and their mothers to their own undoing, in just this kind of degenerate trivialization of human life. For the sake of fundamental rights and equality, America would do well to ignore NARAL and choose to abort Roe.

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