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Column | Salvo 1

Seven Things You Can't Do As A Relativist

by Greg Koukl

So you've decided to become a moral relativist. Good for you! What could be better than doing whatever feels right? What could be worse than letting someone tell you what you should and shouldn't do? Plus, it's one of the easiest worldviews to adopt: Just leave everyone else alone and demand that they do the same for you, and you'll never have to worry again about whether your actions are right or wrong. In fact, there are really only seven things that you can't do as a moral relativist. Simply follow the rules below, and you'll be free from absolutes forever! . . . ►►►

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Surveillance | Salvo 25

Planned Parenthood

Where the Blood & Money Flow

by Terrell Clemmons

. . . "The pill . . . has enormous consequences in freeing women to control their lives," it gushes on its website. "Finally women have an easy and reliable means to prevent unwanted pregnancies and plan their families." Easy? Perhaps. Reliable? Maybe not so much. Free sex still had consequences. Ah, but these consequences could be monetized. And so, after deploying the Pill, Planned Parenthood set its sights on removing barriers to abortion. Pay dirt was again struck when the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling struck down laws restricting abortions in all fifty states. At that point, the blood began to flow copiously. . . . ►►►

Deprogram | Salvo 30

Immaterial Evidence

The Law of Conservation of Information

by Denyse O'Leary

. . . the informational realist perspective, espoused by information theorist William Dembski in his new book Being as Communion (Ashgate, 2014), unpacks another, bolder idea, the Law of Conservation of Information (CoI). This law states that natural causes can transmit complex specified information, but they can never originate it. If the idea is correct, it means that the current purely natural (material) theory of evolution is not even possible. . . . ►►►

Department: Headquarters | Salvo 25

Speak No Evil

Judging by the New Blasphemy Code, Moral Views Are Excluded

by Regis Nicoll

Just try telling those dinner guests of yours that you believe extramarital sex is immoral, abortion is murder, marriage is the union of husband and wife, or the interests of children are best served in a family headed by both of their biological parents, and see how quickly words like "moralizer," "misogynist," "bigot," or "homophobe" are let fly to shut you down. Even if you give them hard data from any of the numerous studies showing how deviations from cultural norms have created (and continue to create) more rather than less social dysfunction, you will still find yourself harshly judged, because, as all nice people know, judging is wrong. ►►►

Archives | Salvo 38

Making Good?

The Fact/Value Split Denies the Realities We Seek

by Cameron Wybrow

. . . "Everybody uses the word "values" to describe our making of the world. . . . The word comes to us so platitudinously that we take it to belong to the way things are. It is forgotten that before Nietzsche and his immediate predecessors, men did not think about their actions in that language. They did not think they made the world valuable, but that they participated in its goodness. . . ." ►►►

Salvo 26 | The Science / Faith Issue

Can Science Explain "Origins"?

by Patrick Henry Reardon

. . . Fortunately, we live in a more enlightened age, don't we? Modern people invariably rest their cases on well-founded and proven facts, don't they? You never hear anybody nowadays adhering to exotic and improbable theories about the origins of nature and the structure of the universe. Indeed, what do modern people believe on these subjects? Let us take an outstanding example of modern enlightened thought. Let us consider Dr. Lawrence Krauss, head of the "Origins Project" at Arizona State University. . . . ►►►

Column: Person of Interest | Salvo 34

Marital Defense

An Interview with Ryan T. Anderson

by Marcia Segelstein

. . . the overarching thing is that we need to have a response to the sexual revolution. Gays and lesbians didn't break down the marriage culture. Redefining marriage is a consequence of fifty years of heterosexuals not living out the truth about marriage. Redefining marriage to exclude the norm of sexual complementarity only makes sense after fifty years of non-marital childbearing and no-fault divorce. So we now need to have not just a response to same-sex marriage, but a holistic response to the sexual revolution. How do we embody the truth about human nature, the truth about the family, the truth about marriage in a way that's appealing and attractive and exciting in our society? ►►►

Department: Sentry | Salvo 25

Truth vs. State

It Takes Courage to Confront False Ideologies

by H. Lynn Gardner

Among the false ideologies of the West are secularism, feminism, and sexual libertinism. Speaking against them will not advance your career in government or education. But the witness of two men who lived under the lies of communism should inspire us to speak out. They had the courage and integrity to live and speak the truth about their societies despite the risk of prison, torture, and even death.
Vaclav Havel (1936–2011) &
Alexander Solzhenitsyn (1918–2008) ►►►

Department | Salvo 9

The Human Exceptionalist

An Interview with Wesley J. Smith

by Kevin Allen

. . . We seem to be entering an era in which humanity is viewed as irrelevant by many very powerful political and cultural forces. Does human life have intrinsic moral value simply and merely because it is human life? Our answer to this question will tell us all we need to know about what sort of society we'll be looking at in the next couple of years. If the answer is "yes," then we can create a bioethics that stands for the sanctity and equality of all human life. If the answer is "no," then we need to ask an additional question: What is the attribute that confers moral value? . . . ►►►

Undercover | Salvo 27

Cashed Out

The War Against Sexual Order Has Young Men in Full Retreat

by Terrell Clemmons

. . . It isn't an organized, or even a declared strike. It's more of a reluctant retreat. Why should they do otherwise? Chris, a thirty-something single man, captured it: "There is nothing in it for me, no incentive and no reason." Ironically, feminist demands have had the effect of shrinking the pool of appealing marriage prospects. And scheming women have descended to the grossly abusive and socially malignant shenanigans of sperm-jacking and paternity seizure. Clearly, something has gone terribly wrong. . . . ►►►

Feature | Salvo 24

Holy Matrimony

The Unexpected Connection Between Religion & Sexual Fulfillment

by Robin Phillips

. . . The mere suggestion that religion can improve sex will seem laughable to many. Our society has largely bought into the narrative that religion is the enemy of sexual pleasure. In the wake of the sexual revolution, many people have come to believe that someone whose sexual habits are constricted by religious values cannot at the same time experience fulfilling sexual happiness. While religious believers have often disputed these claims, only comparatively recently has science taken their side. Evidence meticulously gathered by social scientists has conclusively shown that religious people as a whole are more sexually fulfilled than any other group in Western society. . . . ►►►

Opening Salvo | Salvo 38

Killing Generals

Winning the War Against Falsehood

by James M. Kushiner

. . . In the social and cultural battles affecting people today, you would expect the same principle of responsible attention to facts and results to hold sway. But it doesn't. Many continue to disregard the tragic effects of the sexual revolution, for example, and double down on policies that harm. These people fit the caricature of the generals who cared nothing for the wellbeing and lives of their men. Such leaders repeatedly do others harm, but will not admit to error or change course. ►►►

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