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Feature | Salvo 29

Ill Founders

The Sex Educators Who Spawned Today's Madness

by Miriam Grossman, M.D.

. . . What's so astonishing is that these men, these very disturbed men, using fraudulent data and theories that have been discredited, succeeded in transforming much of society. Today's sexuality education is based on their teachings. Once I understood who the founders were—Kinsey, Calderone, Pomeroy, Money, and others—I understood how we got to today's "comprehensive sexuality education." I knew how we had reached today's madness. . . . ►►►

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Person of Interest | Salvo 29

Public Defender

An Interview with Robert P. George

by Marcia Segelstein

If virtuous people are to be produced, they will be produced not by the government, not by the legal system, not by business firms. They'll be produced by the family, the family based on the marital bond of husband and wife. That's why marriage has a foundational significance up there with the principle of the fundamental dignity of the human person. . . . ►►►

Headquarters | Salvo 29

Virtues Reinvented

Social Engineering the New Vices

by Louis Markos

. . . the elite social engineers who would usher us into a brave new utopia purged of all "medieval" notions of right and wrong have fashioned a seemingly foolproof system for hoodwinking the human conscience. Rather than announce the death of "bourgeois" moral standards, they provide us with substitute moralities that satisfy our need for standards while leaving us free to reinvent the values and institutions upon which civilization was built. . . . ►►►

Camouflage | Salvo 19

Believed & Deceived

Hitler's Rise & the Deadly Loss of Moral Courage

by Terrell Clemmons

. . . Nearly a century later, it's easy to view the whole of Nazi Germany telescopically through the lens of Schindler's List or the U.S. Holocaust Museum: The Nazis were bad; it must not happen again; now let's move on. But human history is not so simple. The same Adolph Hitler, who in the 1940s was recognized as a murderous despot, rose to power in the 1930s with widespread approval. The more apropos question might be, How did that happen? . . . ►►►

Deprogram | Salvo 35

Our Dystopia

The Worst of Both Worlds

by Denyse O'Leary

. . . Baker, for instance writes that 1984 "resonated perfectly with the type of totalitarian states playing chess for the globe in the Cold War," but by 2006, he found Brave New World more filled with details that "correspond perfectly with the future toward which we seem to be heading." Hunt, for his part, found that both novels presaged modern conditions strikingly accurately, but in different ways. Given the accelerating pace of social change, it might be good to revisit the question yet again and seek to determine how well each dystopia predicted the future in various ways. . . . ►►►

Family Briefing | Salvo 35

Parental Guidance Required

Youth Violence & Family Breakdown

by Nicole King

. . . These are only a handful of the studies done that show a connection between family breakdown and the perpetration of violence—many more could be cited. So why don't we hear more about these connections? Perhaps because of their uncomfortable ramifications for adults. . . . ►►►

Operation ID | Salvo 35

Hominid Hype, Take 2015

This Time It's Homo Naledi

by Casey Luskin

. . . What will become of Homo naledi remains to be seen. So far, however, its pathway resembles that of so many other hominin fossils whose "transitional" or "ancestral" status ultimately went belly-up. When evaluating media claims of a "human ancestor," a strong dose of healthy skepticism is warranted. ►►►

Person of Interest | Salvo 36

Marriage Matters

An Interview with Patrick Fagan

by Marcia Segelstein

Patrick Fagan is the founder and director of MARRI, the Marriage and Religion Research Institute. MARRI studies the impact of marriage, family, and religion on society. Once a practicing psychologist, Dr. Fagan moved into the field of public policy as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Family and Community Policy at the Department of Health and Human Services under President George H. W. Bush. He recently announced the launch of Marripedia, an online social-science encyclopedia that makes research related to family, marriage, sexuality, and religion accessible to the public. Dr. Fagan spoke with us about what makes for a healthy society, the importance of what he calls "the two great loves," and what he sees as a growing crisis for men. . . . ►►►

Camouflage | Salvo 36

Mind Control

Safeguarding Yours from the Modern Cult of Experts

by Terrell Clemmons

. . . Experts, for Fitch's treatment, are primarily defined by their transgression of the boundaries inherent to their fields of expertise. For example, a cell biologist may have a perfectly good, morally sound opinion on the social advisability of religion-based models of childrearing. Or he may be a cold-blooded moral monster. The point is, knowledge in the realm of science does not make him a credible authority in the realm of values. This should not need pointing out, but apparently it does. Whenever anyone makes statements about non-material realms of thought, or pushes a moral argument, under the banner of science, then the science is not being used in its proper context. It is being coopted to advance an agenda. . . . ►►►

Feature | Salvo 36

ETI In the Sky

What the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life Means for Us

by Hugh Ross

During my graduate school days at the University of Toronto (late 1960s) I took a short summer course, Advances in Planetary Physics, taught by astronomer Carl Sagan. Sagan was a rising star then and well on his way to becoming the science popularizer and communicator for which he later became famous. Most of the course and nearly all of the informal evening discussions focused on the possibility that extraterrestrial intelligent life existed and on the kinds of civilizations such beings would have established. In Sagan's mind, there was absolutely no doubt that extraterrestrial intelligent beings (ETI) existed. Furthermore, he was convinced that on many planets in our galaxy ETIs had developed civilizations far more technically advanced than ours. . . . ►►►

Dispatch | Salvo 3

Welcome to the Jungle

Marshall McLuhan, Media, and the Ecology of the Digital Age

by John Coleman

. . . from the Austin Powers-like age of 1969, a bespectacled Canadian academic named Marshall McLuhan gives us a perspective on this point in history: "All media, from the phonetic environment to the computer, are extensions of man that cause deep and lasting changes in him and transform his environment." Now, in the early morning of the new millennium, we have to ask: What did McLuhan mean? . . . ►►►

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