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Camouflage | Salvo 42

The Darwin Tales

It's Time to Remit Darwinian Storytelling to the Annals of History

by Terrell Clemmons

. . . For if there truly is no way of determining what is "fit" other than by seeing what survives, then Darwin was arguing in a self-confirming circle: the survival of the survivors. In rhetorical terms, this is what's called a tautology—a statement that is true by definition, due to the construction of the language by which it is expressed. In effect, Darwin's proposed mechanism—natural selection—rested on the observation that, "Survivors survive." To which any clear-thinking middle-school student might say, "Well, duh." . . . ►►►

Operation ID | Salvo 42

Mutant Destruction

Does Cancer Really Innovate?

by Jonathan Wells

Critics of intelligent design (ID) sometimes argue that if the human body were designed, it would be perfect. Among other things, we would not suffer from diseases such as cancer. Defenders of ID point out that this criticism is misplaced. Design does not imply perfection. Many things we know to be designed (such as cars) are imperfect. The "argument from imperfection" against ID is implicitly a theological argument, namely, that God is the designer and anything designed by God must be perfect. ID does not make that claim. . . . ►►►

Family Briefing | Salvo 30

Counting Costs

The Truth About Employers & Contraception

by Nicole M. King

. . . In a society where we are increasingly wary of growth hormones that show up in our meat, we remain blithely unconcerned about pumping hormones directly into women's bodies. Why do we persist in remaining so unaware? Adam Sonfield named one reason, though probably unwittingly—money. . . . ►►►

Deprogram | Salvo 42

Zombie Killer

The "Icons of Evolution" Have Joined the Ranks of the Undead

by Denyse O'Leary

. . . As it happens, there is a politically correct talk-around of the problem. W. Ford Doolittle, an evolutionary and molecular biologist, wrote in 2009 that none of this means that life lacks "universal common ancestry" because "'common ancestry' does not entail a 'common ancestor.'" Why such mental gymnastics? Doolittle freely admits that the reason is the need to defeat "anti-evolutionists" in "the culture wars." So the culture war is what really matters? Not the facts? . . . ►►►

Foreign Intel | Salvo 30

Bad Habits

How Not to Read the News

by Michael Cook

... when a story emerged about human remains found on the site of a Catholic home for unmarried mothers and their children which operated between 1925 and 1961 in Tuam, County Galway, Ireland, the media went mad. The facts were few, but it didn't take long for journalists to connect the dots and sketch images of murdered children and secret burials. Guardian columnist Emer O'Toole wrote in an incandescent fury: "Do not say Catholic prayers over these dead children. Don't insult those who were in life despised and abused by you. Instead, tell us where the rest of the bodies are." It was a wonderfully salacious story, one that fitted neatly into the template for a lot of B-grade films and novels. The only problem was, it was wrong. . . . ►►►

Feature | Salvo 42

Engendered Confusion

The Chaos of Postmodern Sexuality

by Laurie Higgins

. . . In blindness and with blinding speed, disciples of the "trans"-affirming movement have been advancing their science-denying beliefs. One would think it impossible that the alchemical-ish belief that men can become women or that humans can be "born in the wrong body" could catch fire in the modern world, but we don't live in modernity. We live in postmodernity, which denies the existence of objective reality and objective moral truth. Prior to the emergence of postmodernism's exaltation of subjectivism and relativism, the notion of pregnant or "chestfeeding" men would have been laughed at by all. As Richard Weaver noted, ideas have consequences. . . . ►►►

Undercover | Salvo 36

Vacating Freud

Recovering Soul Identity in Light of the Gospel

by Terrell Clemmons

. . . According to Dr. Rosaria Butterfield, who specialized in Queer Theory as a lesbian English professor at Syracuse University, the idea that one's identity is tied to sexual desires is a product of the Freudian paradigm, which has thoroughly permeated our culture. In her first book, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert: An English Professor's Journey into Christian Faith, she detailed the inner landscape of her conversion to Christianity in her thirties, an experience she described as a mix of an alien abduction and a train wreck. In her second book, Openness Unhindered: Further Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert on Sexual Identity and Union with Christ, she proposes a more biblically faithful concept of identity as it relates to the Christian and sexuality. . . . ►►►

Headquarters | Salvo 36

Faith Removal

Militant Science & Apostle Krauss

by Regis Nicoll

. . . To Krauss's thinking, people who protest the harvesting and marketing of aborted babies' tissue are "anti-science" because those practices "could help save lives." It's a bit like calling those who opposed the harvesting and marketing of tissue "procured" by Josef Mengele as "anti-science." Anyway, religion is getting too much respect, and something's got to be done about it, so Krauss is calling on his fellow scientists to be militant in liberating "humanity from the shackles of enforced ignorance." As to who really needs to be unshackled, Krauss might want to take a long look in the mirror. . . .►►►

Deprogram | Salvo 35

Our Dystopia

The Worst of Both Worlds

by Denyse O'Leary

. . . Baker, for instance writes that 1984 "resonated perfectly with the type of totalitarian states playing chess for the globe in the Cold War," but by 2006, he found Brave New World more filled with details that "correspond perfectly with the future toward which we seem to be heading." Hunt, for his part, found that both novels presaged modern conditions strikingly accurately, but in different ways. Given the accelerating pace of social change, it might be good to revisit the question yet again and seek to determine how well each dystopia predicted the future in various ways. . . . ►►►

Parting Shot | Salvo 36

Our Quantum Leap

There Is a Huge Chasm Between Humans & Nonhuman Animals

by Michael Egnor

. . . Nonhuman animals are purely material beings. They have no concepts. They experience hunger and pain; they don't contemplate the injustice of suffering. A human being is material and immaterial—a composite being. We have material bodies, and our perceptions and imagination and appetites are material powers, instantiated in our brains. But our intellect—our ability to think abstractly—is a wholly immaterial power, as is our will, which acts in accordance with our intellect. Our intellect and will depend on matter for their ordinary function, but are not themselves made of matter. . . . ►►►

Deprogram | Salvo 41

Tuning Out the Universe

How Naturalism & Post-Fact Science Ignore the Evidence We See

by Denyse O'Leary

. . . So what about that audience? Pure, naturalistic atheism is very popular in science, and a traditional religious approach is a minority view. That creates an awkward problem in this controversy. Vast evidence supports the view that our universe and our planet are fine-tuned for life, which suggests a cosmic scheme based on some type of meaning, purpose, or intelligence.8 By contrast, no evidence supports the multiverse, which is far more favorable to the naturalistic, atheistic view. . . . ►►►

Logistics | Salvo 41

Deep-Seated Rights

What They Are & Why You Have Them

by Steve Jones

. . . The consequence of this failure to understand what the word [rights] meant, said Maritain, would be that the Declaration would be treated as something open to interpretation. States would be free to reinterpret, limit, and eventually rescind rights recognized and detailed in the thirty articles of the Declaration. Despite its auspicious beginnings at the drafting stage, the document quickly showed itself to lack any real teeth. Maritain's concerns were not hyperbole or hysteria. His warning that the Declaration would fail to protect the rights of individuals has been played out time and again on the international stage. . . . ►►►

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