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October 19, 2015

Weekly Salvo

The Denuding of Playboy

When Playboy magazine recently announced that it would stop publishing photos of nude women, it was tempting to shout "Hooray," at least metaphorically. But the reason behind the decision is both revealing and sobering.

Playboy CEO Scott Flanders told the media, in a nutshell, why the magazine is no longer viable. "You're just one click away from every sex act imaginable for free. And it's just passé at this juncture." Put another way, thanks to the internet, pornography is so pervasive and so easily available, no one needs to pay for it anymore.

Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, wrote about this story on his blog. "The iconic magazines of the sexual revolution, the very magazines that promoted the sexual revolution and opened the floodgates to even more explicit and graphic pornography, have lost their ability to shock, their ability to sell themselves to the public, and their cultural relevance – and it is precisely because the culture has become Playboy and what was once shocking is now a feature of mainstream American culture."

Hugh Hefner, Mohler writes, "wanted to transform American sexual morality and break down the Judeo-Christian sexual morality that was once dominant in the culture."

His own magazine's change of course is evidence of Hefner's success.

For more on this story, read "Bad News, Indeed – Playboy Opened the Floodgates and Now the Culture is Drowning."

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